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Home lifestyle Is Marijana Veljovic Married? Complete Details of Her Dating History

Is Marijana Veljovic Married? Complete Details of Her Dating History

Alizeh Published On Sat Feb 08 2020   Modified On Sat Feb 08 2020
Is Marijana Veljovic Married? Complete Details of Her Dating History

In the tennis world, Roger Federer had a narrow victory against Tennys Sandgren at the Australian Open quarterfinals on Tuesday. But it's hard getting as much attention as it should. 

marijana sitting on the umpire chair wearing a white shirt and hair in a ponytail

Who is the beautiful umpire? 
Source: The sun 

Not when the match's chair umpire attracted eyeballs with her beautiful presence alone. Thanks to Eugenie Bouchard pointing it out, the gorgeous umpire, Marijana Veljovic, is now the talk of the town.

Is Marijana Veljovic Married? 

In a recent tennis match where Roger Federer had a narrow victory against Tennys Sandgren at the Australian Open quarterfinals, it did not get much attention as Marijana grabbed them all. 

marijana on the umpire chair looking at the game

Is Marijana dating anyone? 
Source: The US Sun 

She issued Federer a warning during the third set for bad language. And honestly, the Internet would have loved it had Federer and Sandgren given the umpire more reasons to intervene just so Veljovic could be on our TV screens a lot more.

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There is no public information available regarding the romantic relationships and dating life of the 38-year-old official. Her social media profiles do not show any signs that she is married or has a boyfriend, but we cannot say for sure that she is single. 

marijana with glasses on pouting for a selfie

Marijana Veljovic on Instagram 
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Maybe one day, she will publicly share a picture with the love of her life in the future as people are going crazy over her striking beauty. 

Who is Marijana Veljovic? 

Marijana Veljovic is a native of the Serbian city of Kragujevac. She reportedly studied law in the Serbian capital of Belgrade. As a young child, Veljovic was drawn to the sport of tennis.

Umpire Marijana in one of her games.
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After trying out different sports, she started playing tennis at the age of nine. But, according to her, she was never quite good enough to go pro.

"Let's say; I was not really good enough to be a professional tennis player or the situation back then wasn't really going my way, in that way. I continued playing tennis until I got to university basically, and then by chance, I got this information about the umpire school in my national association," said Marijana.

She enrolled in umpire school and ended up as one of the top students to graduate from the institution. She's had opportunities to oversee matches from the chair several times since 2010. 

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Receiving her gold badge for umpiring in 2015, Veljovic's been in the chair for some of the biggest matches on the tennis calendar. In 2018, she officiated the Australian Open women's singles final, and in 2019, she was in the chair for the Wimbledon women's singles final.

As a gold judge, she runs matches for some of tennis' greatest stars like Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal, Caroline Wozniacki, and more.

Hot Alert on the field

It wasn't just the fans who noticed the striking figurestriking figure sat in the umpire's chair. Women's tennis star Genie Bouchard, who has received plenty of online attention herself tweeted to say "The umpire in this Roger/Tennys match is super pretty."

Clearly, with Veljovic taking charge of some of the biggest matches in the sport, she has risen to the very top of her profession, and she's happy to be a female role model for other aspiring female officials.

Marijana giving warning to the player 
Source: Intern News cast 

"It can be tough, you're away from home, and things aren't always going a good way," she said.

"But the experience overall, I think it's a great experience, a great life experience. So yes, I would definitely recommend it." 

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Veljovic grabbed all the attention on the field; however, people need to see women past their external appearance rather than being fixated on it. In the current sphere, we need to see women more than her outer persona.  

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