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Home health Matt Birk Weight Loss - How Many Pounds Did He Lose?

Matt Birk Weight Loss - How Many Pounds Did He Lose?

Bran Published On Sun Oct 18 2020   Modified On Sun Oct 18 2020
Matt Birk Weight Loss - How Many Pounds Did He Lose?

Matt Birk continues to inspire people even after his retirement from football with an impressive weight loss regime. Know about the whole journey right here.

Former professional footballer Matthew Robert Birk aka Matt Birk is a prominent figure in the world of sports with his career over a decade. The fact that he played ten long seasons at Minnesota Vikings from 1998 to 2008 was enough for him to become a household name not just for the team but for the whole NFL landscape. Furthermore, it would be unfair not to mention that the center player was a six-time Pro Bowl champion and a Super Bowl Champion before his retirement.

It's been around seven years since Matt Birk actually retired, but he has managed to keep himself busy. While most of the athletes tend to live a relaxed life after retirement, the 44-year-old never felt like taking a rest. He started working as a director in the NFL and got dedicated to working on his physical self. Following the lack of sporting action, he pushed himself to go through a successful weight loss journey.

Matt Birk Lost 75 Pounds Weight

Matt Birk in an NFL jersey caught in the camera.

Matt Birk has lost around 75 pounds after his retirement from football. 
Photo Source: LA Times

Everyone is aware of the fact that the NFL is one of the most physical sports in the world, which requires a lot of weight to make tackles and deal with them. When Matt Birk hung his boots in 2013, he stood with a weight of 310-pounds. Although he had no pressure to cut down on it, he chose to pursue the path for his own well-being. Just a year following his retirement, the Super Bowl champion was out a lot lighter weighing 75 pounds less.

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What differentiates Birk from the rest is that he didn't change his habit and started eating more meals and stop exercising, but he even pushed on working hard to maintain his shape. Weighing over 300 pounds without playing football or any sport could have been fatal for the sport star in terms of health too. But with such a drastic cut of body size, the 44-year-old looks like a teenager who is just getting started. Judging by the looks, people might even assume him capable enough to return to the playing set of Minnesota Vikings and lead them to a few more titles.

A before and after weight loss picture of Matt Birk,

Matt Birk announced his retirement in 2013.
Photo Source: USA Today Ftw

Matt might have been a lot lighter but he did give some hints that he isn't done with the process. In an interview, the former NFL player told how he is still 'slow as molasses.' He wasn't convinced when he told Mink, 'For some reason, my speed didn't go up.' That definitely means one thing for the dedicated sport star which is more going to the gym, more exercises, and more of a healthy diet with extremely low fat and carbohydrate.

Matt Birk's Post Retirement Life and Sight Over Modelling

From his playing days itself, everyone viewed Matt Birk as someone who is adventurous, confident, and bold. That attitude helped him to lead on the pitch to help the team bag titles and that is the same mentality that helps him to jump over a completely new sector. Interestingly, the 44-year-old looks to joining modeling with his very new self and a lightened self.

Matt Birk in the jersey of Ravens caught on the camera.

Matt Birk competed to feature in a model cover.
Photo Source: Wikipedia

Shortly after his retirement, Matt Birk didn't choose to go on a vacation but competed to become a cover model for a magazine, sponsored by a reputed fitness company, 'Visalus.' Despite that, he didn't cut football off completely as he became the NFL director of football development on July 10, 2014. Impressively, the retired footballer earned much more respect in 2013 when he shared his intentions to donate his brain to Boston University's School of Medicine for research purposes.

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