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The Complete Story of Mike Tyson's Weight Loss

Heisenberg Published On Mon May 25 2020   Modified On Mon May 25 2020
The Complete Story of Mike Tyson's Weight Loss

Grab all the details on how Mike Tyson lost about 60 kilograms of body weight in recent times.

Mike Tyson is one of the greatest boxers of all time. The retired boxer holds numerous records in boxing and is a legend of the game. He is the youngest boxer to win a heavyweight title, at 20 years, four months, and 22 days. He boxed professionally from 1985 to 2005, which is a professional career of 20 years.

After his retirement, Mike Tyson had begun easing off to luxurious lifestyle and gained 172 kilograms at his peak. But now, he has lost 60 kg of body mass off by undergoing a massive weight loss. He now weight a much lesser 109 kg, a significant achievement for the 53-year-old former athlete. How was he able to pull off such a huge weight loss? Let's find out.

Mike Tyson Trained With MMA Coach Rafael Cordeiro In Order to Lose Weight

As a legend of boxing, Mike Tyson did not need to worry about his body shape during his days in the ring. But after his retirement, Mike did not stick to his previous workout and body maintenance routine and began gaining weight. And Mike once also talked about his family history of obesity, which was a significant factor in motivating him to reduce weight after retirement.

Mike Tyson lost 60 kilograms of body weight.

Mike Tyson lost 60 kilograms of body weight.
Source: NZ Herald

'My whole family is obese, and stuff and that was my goal, not to die that way,' Mike Tyson once said in an interview on digital radio station SiriusXM. I didn't want to die that way. And I respect them and love them, don't judge them, I just didn't want to live my life like that. I didn't want to restrict my life.'

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And Mike involved in rigorous and intense workout sessions with his coach. He regained his trademark speed and power, along with reducing weight in the process.

Mike Tyson's Diet Plan For His Successful Weight Loss

One of the major factors hindering the former boxer was his diet during his playing years, not just obesity. He revealed what he used to eat, as mentioned in an article by The Sun: 'I was real carnivorous when I was training for fights – a lot of meat, cheese, bread. I devoured everything besides pork. I used to eat a lot.' 

Mike Tyson brought a huge change in his diet.

Mike Tyson brought a huge change in his diet.
Source: Boxing Scene

And the diet had a profound impact on his older years. 'As I got older, I didn't like the way I was feeling. I had a lot of arthritis, joint problems, and I was morbidly obese, 'he said. He definitely had to bring a change to his eating habits.

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Mike Tyson adopted a vegan diet during his recent weight-loss journey, which is one of the main ways he dropped 60 kg. But he first got the idea of the diet from someone else. He recalls how he first got acquainted with the diet plan: 'My wife, who was not my wife at the time, she changes her diet all the time. I says, 'what is this you're doing? 

'And she says, 'I'm eating vegan for a month or two weeks.'

'Well, I said that's what I'm going to do too, I want to do that. Cause I was just eating things without even figuring out what they are.'

That is how Mike Tyson got into eating green vegetables, fruits, beans, and other organic food items: all of which were vegetarian diet.

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