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Home news Nick Viall Clears the Air about His Relationship with Kelley Flanagan on His Podcast

Nick Viall Clears the Air about His Relationship with Kelley Flanagan on His Podcast

Sea Published On Thu Mar 19 2020   Modified On Thu Mar 19 2020
Nick Viall Clears the Air about His Relationship with Kelley Flanagan on His Podcast

Nick Viall tells exactly what is going on between him and Kelley Flanagan on his podcast, while also talking about Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron.

This year's 'The Bachelorette' may be canceled for a while, but that doesn't mean the Bachelor Nation will go quiet at all. After all the Peter Weber-Madison Prewett showdown and the CoronaVirus lockdown, there are still all the former people living up their celebrity status.

When Nick Viall himself encouraged, well, everyone to talk about him and Kelley Flanagan with his flirtatious caption, "She's not with Peter," in his post, he should've known what was coming. Of course, everyone knew there was all the love triangle drama in Weber's life. And then, Bachelor people already shipping them was a huge leap to the rumors.

The photo of Kelley Flanagan and Nick Viall that started it all.

The photo whose caption just sparked it all.
Photo Source: Nick Viall, Instagram

"Loved seeing you guys get so cozy last night. Here for it," wrote Chris Harrison in the comments section. Both attended Harrison's party before that. 'Bachelor in Paradise's Dean Unglert went with, "OMG DATE." And even Weber's winner Hannah Ann Sluss weighed in, "Wow! I'm kind of liking this."

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Despite there not being any word from him about it until the recent ones, we knew it was coming. He was going to talk about it. But he was smart about his own discussion as he just casually slipped it in when talking about Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron in the latest 'Viall Files' podcast.

While he was neither admitting or denying there being anything going on between Brown and Cameron, saying it's entirely possible they're dating or also entirely possible they're just friends, he professed he knew what the reactions would be when he posted the photo that sparked it all.

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameroon in 'The Bachelorette' reunion.

Brown and Cameron hit the Florida beach for their time-out to spark the rumors.
Photo Credit: John Fleenor, Getty Images

The 39-year-old himself included his thing with Flanagan, possibly because he wanted to set the records straight and just let people know, when talking of these dating rumors that often occurs in 'The Bachelor' universe. In fact, it was only at Harrison's event that they first met, and it's too quick to say they're dating.

"She's a nice person, she didn't disappoint in person, I thought she'd be cool in person," Nick said. "Everyone likes to think there's always something going on, ... and there's not."

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There was nothing romantically going on between him and any of those people he's hung out with on TV this season, he says. So that includes Flanagan, right? But wait, they were not on TV together at all.

"Listen. When I posted the picture of Kelley, I was totally aware what people might say," he continued. "And like, I really enjoyed getting to meet Kelley. She's wonderful in person."

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So, they're not dating it seems. It was similar to the time when he sparked rumors between him and actress Rachel Bilson that one time when she appeared on his podcast. And she also encouraged them on his photo with Kelley, writing, "This alone makes up for that disastrous season." All in good times then, they're just friends hanging out.

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