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Madison Prewett Weight Loss — Does She Really Not Drink?

Sea Published On Thu Mar 12 2020   Modified On Fri May 29 2020
Madison Prewett Weight Loss — Does She Really Not Drink?

Sorry for misleading you here. There's not much to say for this. It's only the interest in whether Madison Prewett's undergone some weight loss changes that people have become interested in, after various questions about whether she's ever drank alcohol or not came up.

This has also been a thing of conflict for her and 'The Bachelor' star Peter Weber's relationship as their views on the matter lie on two ends of the spectrum. But does Madison Prewett abide by her producer's claims?

Madison Prewett with four birds on her hands and arms while vacationing in Hawaii.

Weight Loss is common in everyone's life, but it's not significant in Prewett's life.
Photo Source: Madison Prewett, Instagram

It's been a head-scratching moment for the newcomer Bachelor Nation members since the recently-aired finale showed Weber proposed to Hannah Ann Sluss, the winner of 'The Bachelor' Season 24, and yet, he's pursuing things with Prewett. There were all sorts of things happening between the filming of the original rose ceremony and the day it aired.

Are Prewett and Weber Even Compatible? Their Lifestyle Beliefs Are Not Even Common

While Prewett actually walked out of the show before the final rose ceremony, Weber and Sluss broke off their engagement later and he gave it a go with Prewett, despite all the differences they have yet to overcome. While Prewett's dad is proud of her actions during the filming, Weber's mom is really not okay with the relationship because nothing clicked between she and Prewett. And even Prewett's parents don't like Weber.

There's the thing with the "professional" view of Prewett dressing up for Weber than being her true self when it comes to the shelves. But there's this huge difference that's clearly not matching between the two by today's standards.

Peter Weber and Madison Prewett outside her college.

Is Prewett really trying to change her style for Weber?
Photo Source: Madison Prewett, Instagram

Religiously or other, the two have contrasting interests that the public seems to have made a big fuss about because it is a big thing. The talk with Weber's brother Jack about his and Prewett's incongruent lifestyles is a thing to talk about on whether they are right for each other. Or about if Prewett is maintaining her figure by not drinking or partying out at all.

So Does She Really Drink?

On Tuesday night's episode, the first of the final episodes of 'The Bachelor', the Bachelor Nation discovered that Madison Prewett doesn't drink alcohol. Why were they so curious about it?

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On their last date on the show together, Weber popped up a bottle of, not champagne, but sparkling apple juice as he said it was for "m'lady". Apple Juice?? This made the basketball alum not being a drinker an implied proposition. She's never said she doesn't drink herself. It's just no one has seen her with alcohol.

After the first part of the finale aired, people were mocking her for not being a drinker and acting like a true Christian, not partying too much like Weber, the fact that his mother rigorously declared.

It's not a big deal apparently when it comes to such stuff. But Barbara listed out all the drawbacks in their relationship when Madison met the parents, while she had everything positive to say about Hannah.

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In the midst of all the urges for people to know if Prewett drinks or not and the numerous request to explain "the sparkling apple juice", the producers finally gave out the answer. ABC's senior vice president of Alternative Series, Specials & Late-Night Programming, Robert Mills, clarified the situation saying it's not a big thing with her.

There have been positive responses on the particular reply though. It's not at all a bad thing, tweeters tweet out. And at the end of the day, Peter got back with Madison to resolve his feelings for her. Only time (and may be a little influence from the parents) will tell how long it will last.

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