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Home news No One Is More Proud Than Madison Prewett's Dad for Walking Out of the Final Rose Ceremony in 'The Bachelor' Finale

No One Is More Proud Than Madison Prewett's Dad for Walking Out of the Final Rose Ceremony in 'The Bachelor' Finale

Bran Published On Thu Mar 12 2020   Modified On Mon Dec 06 2021
No One Is More Proud Than Madison Prewett's Dad for Walking Out of the Final Rose Ceremony in 'The Bachelor' Finale

'The Bachelor' is known for drama, and the season finale of the 24th season was full of it. It saw a strong disapproval from Peter Weber's mom, Barbara as her son reunited with runner-up Madison Prewett, who once walked out of the ABC show. While the disagreement from Barbara caught everyone's attention, Madison's dad took no time to congratulate her daughter and expressed how he supported her fully.

Madison's dad, Chad Prewett took no time to show support for her daughter as he tweeted shortly after the live finale. The basketball coach was a proud father as his little girl reunited with Weber despite finishing as second to Hannah Ann. The trending Bachelor star thanked her sporty dad with a 'Love You' later on.

Chad Prewett supporting her daughter Madisson Prewett in a tweet.

Chad Prewett, father of Madison Prewett supports her daughter fully after the action-packed season finale of The Bachelor.
Source: Twitter

The Auburn University basketball coach took the high-road unlike her daughter's mother-in-law, who definitely indicates how the relationship between the newly made couple would be in a dire strait.

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The season-finale was action-packed and dramatic, just like the showrunners would have wanted. Initially, Madison walked out of the show just before the 'After the Final Rose' episode as a finalist since she failed to envision a proper future with Weber. There were drastic differences. Thus, the big moment saw Peter go down on one knee to propose the only remaining contestant Hannah Ann Sluss for an engagement.

A picture of a young Maddison Prewett with her dad Chad Prewett.

Madison Prewett reunited with Peter Weber on the season finale of 'The Bachelor'.
Source: Montgomery Advisor

Despite all the hype, the brand new couple just couldn't click in their affair which led them to break up, only a month after they got engaged. Since, the commercial pilot, Weber still had feelings for Madison which led them to reunite in a romantic bond. Thus, Weber and Madison, who surprisingly regretted quitting the show earlier on, reunited on the live after-show to renew their relationship.

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The famous reunion caught everyone by surprise including Weber's mother Barbara Weber, who openly expressed his disagreement on her son's choice. The diva claimed how she never liked Prewett as she felt more comfortable and respected around Weber's former fiance.

Peter Weber in a pink shirt with Maddison Brewett poses for a picture.

Barbara Weber expressed her disapproval in the reunion of Madison and Peter in The Bachelor.
Source: E! Online


While Barbara openly roots for the relationship to fail, only time will tell if Madison and Weber's marriage would last or not.Let's hope for the best!

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