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Pauley Perrette's Statement Leaves Her Fans Concerned

Kenshinpark Published On Wed Sep 30 2020   Modified On Wed Sep 30 2020
Pauley Perrette's Statement Leaves Her Fans Concerned

Pauley Perrette's tweet concerned people.

Pauley Perrette, the former NCIS cast, tweeted a worrying message this weekend following which fans are concerned for her. The 51-year-old actress tweeted, "can't wait to get to Heaven," and people are worried for her.

According to the reports, the former NCIS star was distraught over aunt's death earlier in August of this year, and over other tragedies like the COVID, systemic racism has left her all upset.

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Following Pauley's tweet, fans of the actress's fans reached out to her with kind words, hoping she is alright. 

On Pauley's post, the actress wrote,

"I dream to only be around people dedicated, grounded in respecting others, who have empathy and feel other’s pain, who are PROUD not to offend harm or disturb other’s peace, who find JOY in being kind, helpful, good and caring. But I’m stuck on Earth. Can’t wait to get to Heaven."

Before her latest tweet, Pauley also addressed the passing of her tweet, during which she revealed she was very close to her aunt.

People have reached out with kind words for Pauley Perrette on Twitter. One fan wrote,

"He Pauley, your tweet sounds not good 😐. You are really an amazing person ❤ , and you should enjoy your life on this planet. We all see us in heaven. I hope this time is far away. Special thanks to you for acting and your kindness. You're really an angel for your loved people."

Another fan wrote, 

"Pauley, are you alright? Life is tough, but you’re tougher."

The next fan wrote, 

"Pauley, I was in a coma. I believe I went to heaven. I was at peace & a feeling I have never felt here; I talked to a guy who said it’s not my time & that I had to go back. I told my father the guy's name & the way he dressed. My father said it’s impossible he died b4 I was born. I hope u believe me because, although heaven is beautiful & it feels wonderful, life on earth is anything you can imagine. You can recreate yourself every day."

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