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Home lifestyle Who is Philthy Rich Wife? Here's What You Should Know

Who is Philthy Rich Wife? Here's What You Should Know

Heisenberg Published On Tue Jan 05 2021   Modified On Mon May 23 2022
Who is Philthy Rich Wife? Here's What You Should Know

Learn the details of the wife and married life of the American rapper Philthy Rich.

Best known by his stage name Philthy RichPhillip Anthony Beasley is a well-recognized rapper from California. He owns S.C.M.M.L.L.C. and gets distribution by Empire Distribution.

Since the start of his music career in 2007, Philthy Rich has made quite a name for himself. But people who appreciate his work are not just interested in his professional life. They are also eager to learn about his personal life. We compiled some details on his wife and relationship status below so that you can learn a little about his private life.

Who is Philthy Rich's Wife?

As of 2022, rapper Philthy Rich remains unmarried. Is he currently in a relationship with anyone at present? That's hard to answer because there is no publicly available information about his current dating status. After all, the rapper prefers to keep his love life out of the limelight.

Philthy Rich is not married at present.

Philthy Rich is not married at present.
Source: Instagram

Very little information about Philthy Rich's personal life is present on the Internet. The rapper does not talk about his personal life, except for a few life stories he's told in interviews. In a 2018 interview with B. Golden T.V., he talked about how his baby mama had him on child support during a period when he faced financial difficulties.

'I wanted to do everything differently, Philthy Rich said in the interview. 'Like I want to get my life together at that time. I was on child support. I just wanted to get all my s**t together, get my own house, pay my child support off, and get my license. That started to make me better myself.'

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Philthy Rich has two sons, Lil Ant and Lil Phil. Whether his sons were with his previous marriage or relationship is not clear because we do not know whether the rapper got married or not in the past. He wrote the song 'My Two Sons' to show love to his beloved sons. The song was released in 2009.

A Little About the Personal Life of Philthy Rich

Philthy Rich was born Phillip Anthony Beasley on January 30, 1983, in Oakland, California. Growing up in the Seminary neighborhood of Oakland, he developed a passion for music early. He worked hard to achieve his dreams, and over the years, he succeeded.

Philthy Rich was born in Oakland, California.

Philthy Rich was born in Oakland, California.
Source: The Source Magazine

In 2009, Rich got detained by police for possession of an illegal weapon that was loaded, having appeared on the Discovery Channel's series 'Gang Wars.' He was sentenced to probation and had to serve six months in jail.

On February 13, 2011, Philthy was again arrested with two other people after a rap concert at a nightclub in San Francisco, California. The charge was for owning a Bentley that was reported stolen out of Las Vegas.

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