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Home lifestyle Who is Scott Stallings Wife? Details of His Married Life

Who is Scott Stallings Wife? Details of His Married Life

Bran Published On Thu Jul 02 2020   Modified On Thu Jul 02 2020
Who is Scott Stallings Wife? Details of His Married Life

Scott Stallings is one of the finest golfers in the PGA Tour. Stay with us to know about the romantic side of his married life with his wife.

Golf might not be the most attractive sports, but it does has a class of touch into it. The game has given some big names in the whole sports universe with the likes of Tiger Woods and Rory Mcllroy. Scott Stallings is someone who is an established personality in the game and even managed to reach the career highest rank of 53, back in 2014.

While Scott Stallings accomplished massive success with a total of three professional wins, he not just amassed a colossal fortune but also rose to global prominence. Luckily, the 35-year-old is fortunate to replicate his professional success in his married life as his beloved wife, Jennifer White, accompanies him throughout all the ups and downs. 

Scott Stallings's Married Life with Wife Jennifer White

Scott Stallings in red t-shirt poses with his wife Jennifer White.

Scott Stallings and Jennifer White got married in 2007.
Photo Source: Fabwags

Isn't it a dream of everyone to fall in love with your childhood friend and end up marrying them? Well, Scott Stallings and his beau Jennifer White achieved the dream when they tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony in 2007. The history between the love birds dates back to when they were infants as they had known each other since kindergarten. In fact, they went to the same elementary, middle, and high school together.

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The professional golfer made the big decision to exchange his vows with the love of his life in the best way possible. Following a grand wedding, Scott went on a honeymoon, which did include golf clubs as well. In fact, the athlete played mini-tours just two data later. Stallings and his spouse Jennifer White grew up in their Honda Element, and they often travel together in each golf tournament. Furthermore, Scott's investors often encourage his partner to go on tours and travel on their business trips together.

Scott Stallings in a black t-shirt poses with his partner Jennifer White.

Scott Stallings and his wife Jennifer White share two children.
Photo Source: Fabwags

Massachusetts born athlete, Scott Stallings and his partner Jennifer White gave birth to two children, a son Finn Stallings and Millie Stallings. The family of four currently reside at their lavish house in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Scott Stallings' Love Story With Wife

Even though Scott and his wife went to the same school and colleges, the PGA Tour golfer didn't date her the entire time. Interestingly, he and Jennifer White 'went out' once in seventh grade. Surprisingly, they broke up pretty soon as the sportsman was disappointed because his girlfriend wouldn't kiss him. The pair dated again during their high school days and were relatively serious during that time, but broke up again. Despite parting ways romantically and academically by going to separate Universities, they never let go of their friendship and remained in touch.

Scott Stallings in a grey t-shirt poses with wife Jennifer White.

Scott Stallings and Jennifer White knew each other from the kindergarten level.
Photo Source: Twitter

While he remained busy with golf, Stallings always kept in close connection with Jennifer. And, on the occasion of Valentine's Day, the Tennessee born golfer surprised his future partner. Unfortunately, he shared a long-term relationship with his girlfriend as she went to Australia for six months. In an interview, the 35-year-old admitted that he saved the money for the engagement ring, two weeks after her lover left. Moreover, the married couple also said how long-distance love even strengthened their bond.

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