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Home lifestyle Who is Shep Rose' Girlfriend in 2020? Find Out About His Relationship

Who is Shep Rose' Girlfriend in 2020? Find Out About His Relationship

Heisenberg Published On Mon Dec 07 2020   Modified On Mon Dec 07 2020
Who is Shep Rose' Girlfriend in 2020? Find Out About His Relationship

Grab all the details on the relationship status and girlfriend of the reality television star Shep Rose.

Shep Rose is well known for his part in the reality television series 'Southern Charm,' which has been airing on Bravo TV since 2013. Shep's been a main cast member of the show since the very beginning of the airing of the series. He's also appeared in the spin-off of the series that centers around him, called 'RelationShep.' The series ran from 2017 to 2018.

Shep Rose also made an appearance in the 2018 movie 'Reprisal,' in which he played the role of a paramedic. Apart from his role in the television series, many people also seem to be eager to learn about his personal life. Below, we take a look at his love life and learn about his relationship status and who his girlfriend is at present.

Who is Shep Rose's Girlfriend in 2020?

Shep Rose is currently in a relationship with Taylor Ann Green, a 26-year-old girl with whom he's been dating for some time now. The 40-year-old Shep is 14 years senior to Taylor, but the two seem to be very much in love, sending the message that age is just a number. The two began to live together when the pandemic began in early 2020, and the two decided to quarantine together.

Shep Rose is currently in a relationship with Taylor Ann Green.

Shep Rose is currently in a relationship with Taylor Ann Green.
Source: Heavy

Shep Rose had remained secretive about his relationship with Taylor Ann Green until he revealed about it during the Season 7 premiere of 'Southern Charm' on October 29. He also shared how the two met for the first time during the premiere. 'I was on Sullivan's Island, and there are these two girls at the bar. I was like, 'Who the hell is that?' he recalled the first encounter, as per Bravo TV. 'And then we started seeing each other a little bit here and there — and then it became more and then it became more. And now she's at my house five nights a week.'

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Shep Rose says Taylor has helped him grow and change more as a person. 'I'm sort of finding my feet with Taylor 'cause I've been so single-minded — and single — for so long that it's hard to change,' he said. 'But she's making it very easy to change, which is kind of the whole point.'

Shep Rose is Very Fond of His Girlfriend Taylor Ann Green

Shep talked more about his girlfriend on the November 5 episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. He was asked a question: 'What makes Taylor different from all of the other women you've dated? She seems like a keeper.' In response to the question, Shep answered, 'Yeah, she's a really kind person. And everybody loves her. She arguably, Craig will tell ya, arguably my friends like her more than me. I just love seeing her sort of navigate all of my friends because she wins everyone over immediately, and that's a really cool quality.'

Shep Rose is very fond of his girlfriend Taylor Ann Green and often talks highly of her.

Shep Rose is very fond of his girlfriend, Taylor Ann Green, and often talks highly of her.
Source: Us Weekly

Shep Rose also added that he and Taylor grew very close when they quarantined together. In response to a question that implied when the two would possibly get married, Shep answered that it would be easier than he anticipated. 'I mean, we were quarantined together, which made it quite easy,' he said. 'Honestly, we were like a married couple two or three months into our relationship, so that was a change, and I was kind of nervous about it. And I must say, domesticity isn't all that bad, and maybe I was being scared of it for no reason at all.'

For a person who's remained single for most of his life and never wanted a long-term relationship, Shep Rose's relationship with Taylor Ann Green is quite different. 'I kinda jokingly said, like, she refuses to give me a reason to not be in love with her, honestly,' he said, as per Bustle. 'And day after day, month after month, she was just fantastic. It just makes it really easy when you're, like, wait for a second, why would I ever not want this person in my life? That doesn't make any sense at all. So it's definitely a departure from my norm.'

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Shep Rose has even admitted that he was a little nervous about the prospect of settling down with Taylor. 'I was definitely nervous about, you know, domestic bliss,' he told Us Magazine. 'Even though my parents had been married for 45 years, and both my brother and sister were married. So, I don't have, like, you know, a lot of examples of things not working, but for some reason, I worry about that and wring my hands about that.'

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