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Meet Simbi Khali - The 90s Comedian and Cress Williams' Former Wife

terry Published On Thu Jul 20 2023   Modified On Mon Oct 02 2023
Meet Simbi Khali - The 90s Comedian and Cress Williams' Former Wife

Simbi Khali made quite a name for herself in the 1990s through her exceptional comedy and acting method. She is still active in the Entertainment Industry but does one or two movies yearly at a shallow frequency. 

Currently, she is more focused on promoting fashion brands and designers on her social media.

Let's know more about actress Simbi Khali. 

Net Worth

Simbi Khali has a whopping net worth of $5 million from her long career as an actress. She started to earn a lot of money in the 90s when her comedy stuff was rocking the audience on their sofa. 

Her former husband Cress Williams also has a net worth of $5 million from his acting career.


Khali is also known for her unique hairstyle nowadays. Her hairstyle used to be simpler but now she has dreads and those dreads are bunned in her forehead.

Some might say it's a crazy hairstyle but it suits her. 

Ex-Husband - Cress Williams

Simbi Khali was once married to actor Cress Williams but now they are separated.

Khali and William were married from 2000 to 2011 for almost eleven years before they got divorced and move on with their life. 

Single Now

Khali is currently single, in fact, there is no evidence that she dated anyone after divorcing her former husband Williams. 

Simbi Khali and Her Former Husband Cress Williams.

Her ex-husband Willimas though has moved on and went to marry eleven years younger actress Kristen Torrianni in 2013, just after two years after his divorce.

Son - Elijah Khali Thomas Williams

Simbi Khali with her former husband Cress Williams had a baby together in 2004. 

Their son is Elijah Khali Thomas Williams who took the name of both his parents. That is lovely!

Simbi Khali Movies

Here are more than a few works of her.

1996-20013rd Rock From The Sun  
2002We Were Soldiers  
2018  Detroit: Being Human
1996 A Thin Line Between 
Love and Hate
2023 Drama 
2021 A Savannah 
2020 -Ship: A Visual
Poem (Short)
2020 Buck (Short) 
2019  Gothic Harvest
2018  Detroit:Being Human
2017Better Things  
2017 Girl Minuns 
2009Special Agent Oso  
2009 Mississippi
2008  The Incredible Hulk
2006  Guild Wars: Nightfalls
2004The Bernie Mac Show  
2003  The Stuart Little
2002Clifford the Big Red Dog  
2002That '80s Show  
2000 Masquerade 
2000Men in Black: The Series  
1997 Plump Fiction 
1995 Vampire in Brooklyn 
1994She TV  
1994The Sindbad Show  

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