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Home lifestyle Sloane Stephens and Future Husband Jozy Altidore — The Most Beautiful Sports Love Story There Is Right Now

Sloane Stephens and Future Husband Jozy Altidore — The Most Beautiful Sports Love Story There Is Right Now

Sea Published On Tue Sep 08 2020   Modified On Tue Sep 08 2020
Sloane Stephens and Future Husband Jozy Altidore — The Most Beautiful Sports Love Story There Is Right Now

You know you don't need a flawlessly stellar career when you have a story that is between Sloane Stephens and fiancé Jozy Altidore. It was a disappointing recent loss against Serena Williams after a good start to the game. Well, maybe the presence of Williams' husband Alexis Ohanian in the empty stands helped with Stephens' love absence. Although, she doesn't have a good record against Williams.

The aforementioned story is an especially good one, the one with childhood rivals turned life partners kind of plot. Be that as it may, seeing it in real life should be quite the doozy. In the sports world no less, with Altidore excelling in soccer.

Sloane Stephens Didn't Really Like Her To-Be-Fiancé When They Were in the Fifth Grade

It's exactly as it sounds. Sloane Stephens and Jozy Altidore met as fifth-graders when the former moved to Florida to pursue a tennis career at such a young age of 10. They lived 20 miles apart, and they were hardly the best friends type.

Sloane Stephens in front of her future husband Jozy Altidore sitting in the staircase steps.

Yeah, you could make a movie off of their story.
Photo Source: Jozy Altidore, Instagram

Stephens recalls the time they went to the same school and how mean he was to him. So yeah, he didn't really like him much. "The first time I met him was in fifth grade," she told YouTuber Avonna Wilson in a now-deleted video.

"He used to bully me. We went to school together in fifth grade," she continued. "He was older than me. He used to bully me. He dumped me in the trash can and my mom had to come pick me up from school."

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It was only in 2016 that the pair reconnected and started dating. Her mother was probably the most surprised one to know about it. "When I told my mom I was dating Jozy, she said, 'The boy who threw you in the trash can?' " she says. " 'Him, madly in love with him, mom.' Sure know how to pick 'em, huh?"

Of course, now that they are both adults, Altidore sure knows how to keep her woman happy. She says he's the most positive person she's ever gotten by her side.

Altidore Couldn't Be with Her in the 2017 US Open Final, But That's Never a Deal-Breaker

It's been a fairly tough last year for Stephens in terms of her career, but she's still a tennis champion having won the 2017 US Open. Even with Williams' absence in the championship, it's still a huge feat. And that's despite her future husband cheering her on from the stands.

Sloane Stephens holding a tennis trophy with Jozy Altidore holding it as well.

"My two trophies," she says.
Photo Source: Sloane Stephens, Instagram

It's not how it looks. It was only one of the few times Altidore's missed traveling to the court to watch his fiancée play. Aside from the times he's missed, he attends every match he can fly to, even international, also provided that he himself doesn't have a match with Toronto FC or the US National Team.

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They really are a model for long distance relationship couples. Because it's no secret both their athletic jobs demand international travel, and they make it work, travel whenever they can and attend other events together as well, balancing between work and personal life flawlessly.

The Couple Are Engaged Since April 2019, And She'll Be a Stepmom to Altidore's Son After Marriage

Not the ones to give away too much secret about their personal lives, Altidore slid into Stephens' Instagram feed in July 2017. Although, his face wasn't in the frame. But in November later that year, she did the big reveal by wishing him happy birthday, the first instance of his face on her feed, also writing, "My first crush," within the captions.

Jozy Altidore taking a selfie with fiancee Sloane Stephens.

They could be one of the most openly secret celebrity couples.
Photo Source: Sloane Stephens, Instagram

The pair announced their engagement in April 2019, with a post on their respective Instagram pages, with both of them mentioning their union would last "forever". What's more, the bond between Stephens and Altidore's son is going to be an even stronger one once the wedding is done.

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Altidore has a son named Cameron from an unknown previous relationship, and their bond is clear as day from their social media posts together. The three look so good together. Right, it's a story of three people as well.

Sloane Stephens in the center with Jozy Altidore to her left and his son Cameron to her right.

They're already really well-connected.
Photo Source: Jozy Altidore, Instagram

Even though their story's out in the open, they are adamant that they are not a very public person. At least Altidore isn't. Either way, it's a story that deserves to be known among their fans.

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