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Who is Sommer Ray Boyfriend in 2021? Her Dating History Here

salina Published On Wed Sep 01 2021   Modified On Fri Jul 29 2022
Who is Sommer Ray Boyfriend in  2021? Her Dating History Here

Everything You Need To Know About Sommer Ray's Dating History and Relationships.

Sommer Ray, a bikini athlete model and a social media star from the United States of America, has a massive internet fanbase and has won multiple bodybuilding and fitness competitions. Sommer's parents also have a history in bodybuilding.

Sommer holds a hefty net worth of $8 million. She is active on social media platforms, and she often shares her bodybuilding and fitness-related information. Further, she has her own YouTube channel where she provides her workout tips. 

Her Instagram page is filled with jaw-dropping pictures that have captivated millions of fans around the world. With lots of fame and limelight, Ray has also been in a fair amount of controversies.

Who is Sommer Ray Dating in 2021?

There was a rumor that Sommer Ray might be in a romantic relationship with Cole Bennett in 2021. However, according to Bio Overview, she is dating Bennett as of 2022.

Cole Bennett, who? Well, he is a famous rap video producer. To be precise, he is the founder of the multi-media company Lyrical Lemonade.

Sommer Ray might be in a romantic relationship with Cole Bennett as of 2021.

Ray might be dating Cole Bennett.
Photo Source: Instagram

According to Dexerto, people began to spread rumors of Ray and Bennett being a thing after the latter shared pictures of them in his Instagram story. He uploaded photos where one can see the duo getting cozy together in a photo booth. Moreover, they were even kissing in one of the photos. 

Indeed, Bennett and Ray were locking lips; no wonder his Instagram story raised some eyebrows. Further, Ray also posted an Instagram story that featured Bennett, and following that, their relationship rumor spread like wildfire.

Why Sommer Ray and Machine Gun Kelly Broke Up?

Sommer Ray, 25, confirmed her romance with Machine Gun Kelly, a famous pop and hip-hop star, in March 2020. After Machine Gun Kelly, aka MGK, tweeted images with Sommer during a trip to the Bahamas, rumors of their relationship circulated.

Sommer Ray dated Machine Gun Kelly.

Sommer Ray and Machine Gun Kelly were a thing.
Photo Source: TMZ

When Kelly retweeted a photo of the couple kissing, he confirmed the relationship to the public. The duo was also seen together at a concert. 

Talking about their encounter, Ray and MGK first met when they both appeared on the television show Wild N Out in 2017. After that, they gradually worked on their relationship.

Why Did Sommer Ray & MGK Break Up?

Although things between Ray and MGK looked good, they couldn't sustain their relationship. Eventually, they broke up; why? 

According to Ray's point of view, MGK cheated on her for Megan Fox. She revealed the details in an interview. Further, she also explained how hurt she was when MGK went to Twitter and made it seem like she broke up with him. In addition, she also said that she received death threats after people read MGK's tweet.     

Fitness Model Sommer Ray and Tayler Holder Dating

Tayler Holder released a video with Sommer Ray in May 2020, sparking reports that the two were dating. He also posted '5.19.20' in a TikTok video as a caption, which many people assumed was the day things kicked off between them. 

Sommer Ray and Taylor Holder.

Taylor Holder and Sommer Ray while in a relationship.
Photo Source: Cosmopolitan 

Between June 27 and 29, Ray shared multiple videos with Taylor, indicating they were a thing.

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However, their relationship also could not last long and ended quickly, as the two unfollowed one another on Instagram. Sommer then stated on Twitter:

"Your apology needs to be as loud as your disrespect was."

Right after Ray ended things with Holder, she was seen frequently with music artist and YouTuber Faze Jarvis. Although they were close, it seems nothing romantic was going on between them.  

Sommer Ray's Relationship With Bennett Sipes

Bennett Sipes and Sommer Ray dated back in 2018, but the relationship ended on terrible terms. The couple appeared to be serious and stated that they lived together for pretty much the entire two years. 

Sommer Ray and Bennett Sipes.

Sommer Ray and Bennett Sipes while dating.
Photo Source: Creeto

There was love in the air, and Bennett also talked about it on the series Love Island. Furthermore, they were also caught in public by The Hollywood Fix's reporter. The duo seemed happy then; unfortunately, the relationship ended on bad terms for both sides.

Sommer Ray was Rumored Dating RiceGum

In 2017, Sommer was tied to social media sensation RiceGum. There are several videos on social media where you can see both of them having fun and the bond displayed suggests that they may be dating. 

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However, fans were outraged when they learned that the story was false, and there was no substantial evidence that proved that they dated.

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