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Home health Steve Stone Weight Loss - How Many Pounds Did He Lose?

Steve Stone Weight Loss - How Many Pounds Did He Lose?

Heisenberg Published On Tue Aug 04 2020   Modified On Tue Aug 04 2020
Steve Stone Weight Loss - How Many Pounds Did He Lose?

Grab all the details on the weight loss of the American former Major League Baseball (MLB) player Steve Stone.

Steve Stone is an American former Major League Baseball (MLB) player and is currently working as a sportscaster and author. He pitched for four MLB teams between 1971 and 1981. He was the AL Cy Young Award winner and an American League All-Star, finishing the season with a record of 25–7 for the Baltimore Orioles in 1980. 

Steve Stone also worked as WGN-TV's color commentator for Chicago Cubs broadcasts between 1983 and 2004. Additionally, he worked in radio until 2009, when he became the color commentator for Chicago White Sox television broadcasts. In recent times, Steve Stone underwent a successful weight loss, which he considers as an achievement of his life. Below, we take a look at his weight loss details, so you can also get some ideas on the procedures if you are aspiring to drop some pounds.

Steve Stone Weight Loss Journey

Steve Stone decided to lose weight one day in 2019 after he could not last more than 5 minutes on the court while working with his basketball team. He also could not hit the ground balls for more than 10 minutes during the baseball practice on the same day. He stopped the practice and got into his car. He then said to himself: 'Enough is Enough!' which he also kept telling himself for 20 years.

Steve Stone's weight loss journey began in 2019.

Steve Stone's weight loss journey began in 2019.
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Steve Stone decided to workout at home and bought a treadmill. But when he walked on the treadmill, he only lasted 3 minutes. Workout at home did not show any signs of working, so Steve decided to join the gym. He began going to the newly-opened JCC Fitness and Wellness Gym, where he started working out on a regular basis. He also hired a trainer and began by doing lighter exercises at first. He met a 74-year old trainer, making him realize that 'It this 'old' man is in great shape, why not me?'

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Steve began doing workouts daily. He lifted weights, did cardio and stretching, and engaged in intense exercise routines. Additionally, he also began carefully choosing his food items and began eating healthy. He limited his alcohol intake and avoided food products high in sugar and carbohydrate content. After a period of intense workout routines, he succeeded in losing a tremendous amount of weight and attain a fit body.

Steve Stone's Early Life

Steve Stone was born in South Euclid, Ohio, a Cleveland suburb. His mother, Dorothy, was a waitress, and father, Paul Stone, was an insurance salesman. Steve played high school ball at Charles F. Brush High School for baseball Coach Jim Humpal. Additionally, he also won several tennis championships, was a ping pong champion and was a proficient golfer.

Steve Stone was born in South Euclid, Ohio.

Steve Stone was born in South Euclid, Ohio.
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Steve Stone attended Kent State University, where he was an outstanding pitcher, and his catcher was Thurman Munson. He graduated from the university in 1970 with a teaching degree in history and government.

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