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Lorelai Gilmore Actress Lauren Graham's Weight Loss, How She Is Keeping Up Now?

Kenshinpark Published On Mon Aug 03 2020   Modified On Wed Jun 08 2022
Lorelai Gilmore Actress Lauren Graham's Weight Loss, How She Is Keeping Up Now?

Here's what you should know about Lorelai Gilmore actress, Lauren Graham's, weight loss.

Lauren Graham (born Lauren Helen Graham) is an American actress and author who is best known for portraying the character of 'Lorelai Victoria Gilmore' one of the most loved series 'Gilmore Girls.' 

The actress received nominations for Screen Actors Guild, Golden Globe and Satellite Awards for the role of Lorelai. Apart from her most loved character, she is also well known for her role of 'Sarah Braverman' on the NBC drama, 'Parenthood.'

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While we know how successful she is in what she does, we are here to talk about how she is keeping up with her health as she has reached the 50s milestone of her age. More precisely, we will be discussing her weight loss, and gain, and how she is doing now.

Lorelai Actress Lauren Graham Weight Loss

Lorelai actor Lauren Graham shocked the world with her massive weight loss in 2011. In an article published on 'Self,' the actress sat down for an interview and revealed all the secrets of her weight loss. 

lorelai weight loss.

Lauren after weight gain.
Photo Source: Wholefully

Talking with the outlet, Lauren said, "Oh, mine. I'd wanted a fitness challenge. I've always been athletic, but I was in a slump. I'd been Spinning, running, and hiking, but that didn't seem to be having a big impact on my body or fitness level. I felt as if my efforts were all for nothing and maybe shoe shopping with my sister Shade would be a better use of time."

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So, on her quest to weight loss during that time, Lauren's trainer Michelle Lovitt really helped her get the perfect body she always wanted. The actress revealed her trainer taught her to use a heart rate monitor to be sure she is exercising in her fat-burning range. And tips really helped for the actress.

Lauren Gained Weight Again

So after glorious days of following her weight loss, the actress could not keep up with the weight. Back in 2016, at 'Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life' reunion Lauren Graham looked heavier.

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The actress revealed she got her perfect body, but somewhere down the line, she lost track of her diet, and all the hard work that she did back went down the drain. But she was not ready to give up.

Lauren Graham Knows How To Keep Herself in Shape Now

Since Lauren Graham is in her 50s, it's tough to keep track of diet and weight. But Lorelai actress is doing it pretty well now. The actress who previously revealed she lost track of her diet, is now all set and rocking in at the age of 53.

In an article published on "Eat This, Not That," the actress revealed how she pulls off a balanced life that includes exercise and diet.

lorelai weight loss.

Lorelai actress, Lauren Graham, after weight loss.
Photo Source: Pinterest

Lauren stressed she loves doing Pilates and spinning classes. Moreover, she is on a diet rich in protein and vegetables, and above all, she adds a lot of humor to her life, and that's important.

That's how she strives for a balanced life since the skin is also important at this age, she uses sulfate detergent free Vitamin C wash to keep her skin looking young and glowy, and of course, she also mentioned her heart rate monitor again, which proved to be a blessing for her weight loss journey.

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