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"The Irregulars" Cast Thaddea Graham Relationship Status in 2021: Find It Out Here

prgya Published On Sun Jul 18 2021   Modified On Sun Jul 18 2021
"The Irregulars" Cast Thaddea Graham Relationship Status in 2021: Find It Out Here

Is "The Irregulars" Cast Thaddea Graham Dating Anyone in 2021? Get To Know Here!

The star who played Kat in the Netflix miniseries US is none other than Thaddea Graham. She is a renowed actor who is well-known for playing Hanmei Collins in the series CurfewIona in the Netflix series The Letter for the King, and Bea in The Irregulars.

Besides acting, Thaddea is also a singer and composer. Born in 1997, she holds an estimated net worth of  $800,000 in 2021. She enjoys her six-figure net worth as an emerging actress in showbiz. 

The 24-years-old actress gained massive fame in a short period. She has wowed her fans since 2014. Due to this, many want to know her love life, so why not talk about her relationship status here.

How is Thaddea Graham Love Life Going? Is Her Relationship Out of The Spotlight?

Discussing Thaddea Graham's romantic life status, she seems to be single as of 2021. However, social media doesn't let her fans skip her coziness with some beautiful faces on her social sites.

Talking about the person Thaddea got romantically linked in 2018, Islam Bouakkaz is someone she snaps with and posts on her Twitter, not only that she even featured him on her Instagram uploads. Due to these actions, many thought they were a thing; however, we cannot say about their relationship until the duo says something on the topic.

Thaddea Graham and Islam Bouakkaz were spotted on Twitter in 2018 and recently in 2021.

Thaddea Graham and Islam Bouakkaz.
Photo Source: Celebs In-depth

Recently on July 6, 2021, Thaddea posted Dave Haywood wishing him on his birthday, saying, "Good to be back Jammin with my partner in crime @jonahlees." Like the previous one, this post also generated speculation that they might be dating. However, things are not cleared what's going on between them: friends, dating, or something else.

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Similarly, we can't unsee Thaddea's July 21, 2021 status on Insta. She uploaded a photo of herself with Benjamin Barry and his art, where she captioned, 'it's no secret that my one true love in life is Bob Dylan … but my other is now @benjamin.barry.art for making me an acrylic portrait of the man himself as a wrapped gift. THANK YOU, doesn't cover it. Still a little in awe.'

So, we can say that Thaddea has a crush on Bob, an American singer-songwriter, author, and visual artist; further, after the gift, Benjamin also comes under the list of her favorite person. 

Thaddea Graham Early Life and Education

Chinese-born Northern Irish actress Thaddea Graham is an orphan born on March 29, 1997. She is an adopted kid from an orphanage in Changsha, China, at the age of one and raised in Country Down. On the very day, Thaddea was one of the first international adoptees in Northern Ireland.

Thaddea Graham is an orphan born on March 29, 1997.

Thaddea Graham is an orphan adopted from an orphanage in Changsha, China
Photo Source: Heightzone


As a child, Thaddea was sent to Killinchy Primary School in Killinchy. Later, she attended Bloomfield Collegiate School in Ballyhackamore. 

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5ft 6in tall internet sensation graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Acting trained with Arts Educational School in London in 2018. After then, Thaddea's acting career began with more experience.

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