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Tiffany Brooks from HGTV - What's the Truth About Her Weight Loss?

Heisenberg Published On Wed Jun 03 2020   Modified On Sun Jun 07 2020
Tiffany Brooks from HGTV - What's the Truth About Her Weight Loss?

Grab all the details on the weight loss of the American interior designer and television personality Tiffany Brooks. 

Interior designer Tiffany Brooks is well recognized as the winner of the 2013 season of the reality show 'HGTV Design Star.' The show features the competition between ten aspiring designers who try to impress the audience and the judges with their design expertise, ingenuity, and creativity. 

The HGTV star's exceptional designing skills are not the only thing impressive about Tiffany Brooks. In recent times, she's also drawn her fans' eyes to the recent change she brought into her life: weight loss. Many people are nowadays gossiping that the 41-year-old interior designer has succeeded in cutting excess body fat from her body. How was she able to do it? Let's find out.

Here's How Tiffany Brooks Underwent a Successful Weight Loss

Even though Tiffany herself has never announced that she has dropped some pounds, her latest Instagram pictures tell otherwise. Compared to her previous pictures on the gram, these days, she seems to upload pictures that reveal her in a slimmer physique than before. So, it is safe to assume that the skilled interior designer has also done a good job of maintaining a healthy body weight. 

Tiffany Brooks seems slimmer in her recent Instagram pictures.
Source: Tiffany Brooks Instagram

So if she cut out excess body mass, then how did she achieve such a feat? The answer is pretty simple, and everyone knows about it: Diet and Exercise. Tiffany incorporated these two things into her life and was able to change her way of living. The first thing she did when she began to embark on her weight loss journey is she changed her eating habits. She avoided all sorts of food products that were processed, packaged, and contained high added sugar content. Additionally, she controlled her intake of alcoholic drinks. She avoided any type of unhealthy food items at all costs. And another important thing she did was limit the amount of carbohydrate content she took, almost avoiding it at all costs.

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Tiffany Also Added Intense Workout to Her Weight-Loss Regimen

Tiffany also quit her habit of overeating, one of the main factors causing obesity in developed countries. She, instead, made a routine of eating less food but in enough amount so that she could get enough energy. She controlled her hunger cravings and instead focused on eating healthy organic fruit and vegetables rather than consuming chips and cookies from a packet.

Tiffany Brooks has also incorporated exercise into her weight loss routine.

Tiffany Brooks has also incorporated exercise into her weight loss routine.
Source: HGTV

Well, eating less and appropriate diet only does not ensure a successful weight loss; you need to make your body physically active too. And Tiffany exactly did that. She involved in daily workouts and added exercise to her weight reduction regimen too. By combining the right amount of healthy diet and intense exercise, she achieved the slimmer and fitter body shape that she has today.

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