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Home lifestyle Who is Iain Armitage Dating in 2022? Details on His Girlfriend Here

Who is Iain Armitage Dating in 2022? Details on His Girlfriend Here

Parker Published On Thu May 20 2021   Modified On Mon May 30 2022
Who is Iain Armitage Dating in 2022? Details on His Girlfriend Here

Learn All The Details Regarding Iain Armitage.

Iain Armitage is a child actor famous for playing the lead role in an American sitcom called Young Sheldon as Sheldon Cooper. He received two nominations and an award for his performance. In 2018, he made his appearance in The Big Bang Theory called The VCR Illumination as a younger version of Sheldon Cooper.

Young Sheldon star Iain first received the public's attention after reviewing theatres and posting on the online platforms YouTube. He posted the videos with the title Iain Loves Theater

Many people like the child prodigy. Many girls and parents want to make him his future son-in-law. Therefore, many want to know about his relationship status. Here are the details you want to know about him.

Iain Armitage Relationship Status as of 2022

As of 2022, Iain Armitage is single. Surprisingly, he is not dating anyone. Despite being a TV star and famous worldwide, there is no sight of his girlfriend. The reason might be his age, as he is still young to be in a romantic relationship. 

Though we know he is young to be dating anyone at the moment, we hope Iain finds the love in his life when he grows up to be a fine adult.

Iain Armitage with is pet hanster Natasha

Iain Armitage with his pet hamster.
Photo Source: Instagram

Hopefully, we will see Iain happily enjoying his romantic days with his partner soon. But as for now, most portion of his love goes to his two pet hamsters.

Iain has two favorite hamsters, which are named Natasha and Poppy, whom he loves very much. The upcoming star frequently shares pictures of them on his Instagram account. For now, he is enjoying his time with his pets and friends and focusing on his studies and future career projects.

Though Armitage does not seem to be in a relationship offscreen, onscreen, he has chemistry with his fellow Young Sheldon cast Mckenna Grace, who portrays Paige's character. In the sitcom, he has a crush on Paige, who also seems interested in him. There are many pictures of Iain and Mckenna on social media, but nothing romantic is going on between them in real life.

Iain Armitage's Parents Euan Morton and Lee Armitage Married Life

Iain Armitage, the son of Scottish actor and singer Euan Morton and actress Lee Armitage, spends most of his time in rehearsals. The love of theatre runs in the family, which means being a great actor is in his blood.

Iain Armitage mother Lee Armitage is an actress.

Iain Armitage with his mother Lee Armitage.
Photo Source: Instagram 

Iain's parents have not disclosed how they first met; however, sources claim that they encountered each other at any party or at an award show since both of them hail from the entertainment industry. The relationship between them seems to be in good form. The lovely couple gave birth to Iain on July 15, 2008.

Iain Armitage Short Bio

Iain Armitage is a native of Arlington, Virginia, the United States of America. At the time we write about him, he is 13-year-old. 

Iain Armitage grandfather Richard Lee Armitage is an assistant secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs

Iain Armitage with his grandfather Richard Lee Armitage.
Photo Source: Twitter

Besides his parents, he also has a grandfather Richard Lee Armitage, an assistant secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs. Also, Armitage and his parents have not shared any details regarding his siblings. However, going through Iain's Instagram, it looks like he has a lot of cousins.

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While indulging in an acting career, the young TV star is also studying in school and focusing on his education. 

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