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Home lifestyle Who is Joe Fournier's Wife? Learn all About His Relationship Here

Who is Joe Fournier's Wife? Learn all About His Relationship Here

Eric Published On Sun May 02 2021   Modified On Sun May 02 2021
Who is Joe Fournier's Wife? Learn all About His Relationship Here

Learn All About Joe Fournier's Relationship Here.

Joe Fournier is a British entrepreneur turned boxer who is famous for his successful career records. Until today, he has tried many ventures and rose to the top in all of them. He owned a gym, which he later sold to the FTSE100 company. After profiting from his fitness business, he moved into the nightclub industry and now shines in the boxing world too.  

The 38-year-old athlete was born on January 23, 1983, in Hammersmith, London. He was welcomed by a wealthy family; his dad was rich, whereas his mom came from a working-class. Due to this, when his parents parted ways, Joe went from having a chauffeur-driven car to school every day to taking the bus.

After facing some ups and downs in his early days, Fournier began to work on himself and paved his way to becoming one of the richest people. He was listed as a multimillionaire entrepreneur by Forbes in 2017. As of now, he is estimated to hold a net worth of $1 billion. Besides his financial and professional success, the media frequently talks about his love life, which we will discuss here. 

Is Joe Fournier's Married? If Yes, Who is His Wife?

Joe Fournier is successful and in his late thirties; no wonder people think he is married. However, let us tell you, he isn't. Surprisingly, yes, he hasn't tied the knot yet.

You read that right; the light heavyweight boxer is unmarried. Furthermore, he isn't dating anyone as of now. According to Glamour Fame, Fournier's official relationship status in 2021 is single. 

Joe Fournier, billionaire businessman and boxer is unmarried as of 2021.

Joe with Jake Paul's ex-girlfriend Julia Rose.
Photo Source: US Weekly

What might be the reason for him not to date anyone recently? As per the site, his recent match with Reykon might be the cause. It was a big fight; thus, Fournier might have been all occupied for its preparation, which kept him from focusing on his romantic relationship.  

Joe Fournier's Dating History

Although Joe Fournier is single now, previously, he has dated several A-List stars. The nightclub billionaire boss was in a serious relationship with his ex-girlfriend Chloe Sims

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In the past, Fournier even mentioned that his former lover even taught him contemporary art, and now he loves collecting them. In addition to that, he also said his ex gave him one of her paintings, which he treasures a lot. 

The nightclub billionaire boss, Joe Fournier, was in a serious relationship with his ex-girlfriend Chloe Sims.

Fournier, 38, with his ex, Chloe Sims.
Photo Source: Zimbio

The duo was doing great with all this going on, but things fell apart after Joe was caught having a cozy lunch with Paris Hilton. As the news spread, Joe and Chloe's romance went off-balance, and they broke up.

Besides Chloe and Paris, the English boxer was also reported dating Nicole Scherzinger for a while. Moreover, there are records, which point out that Joe had a fling with actress Lauren Stoner and Leilani Dowding.  

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