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Home lifestyle Who is Rina Sawayama's Boyfriend? Learn Her Relationship Status in 2022

Who is Rina Sawayama's Boyfriend? Learn Her Relationship Status in 2022

prgya Published On Sun May 16 2021   Modified On Sat May 28 2022
Who is Rina Sawayama's Boyfriend? Learn Her Relationship Status in 2022

Here is the Information We Know About Rina Sawayama's Love Life As Of 2022!!

We can find so much music out there, and if we try to sound like someone else, we're too late for our survival. At the same point, if sounds and music hit different, that's the real difference between artistry and pure musical skill. 

Rina Sawayama is a Japanese-British London-based singer, producer, songwriter, and model. Sawayama was born on August 16, 1990. She was raised in Niigata, Japan, until moving to London, England, at the age of 5 and has been living so far.

A Japanese girl, Sawayama believes that the best way to be progressive is to draw on your own life experiences as inspiration. In 2017, her debut extended play, Rina, was self-released by her. She released her debut studio album, Sawayama, after singing to Dirty Hit in 2020. 

Who is Rina Sawayama's Boyfriend in 2022?

Many celebrities want to keep their personal and love lives private; likewise, Rina Sawayama also prefers to keep her romantic life away from the media light. Due to this reason, there is no precise information available about her personal affairs yet. Therefore, currently, she is probably single.

Rina Sawayama might be single as of 2022.

Rina Sawayama might be single as of 2022.
Photo Source: Instagram

The reason why Rina is single in 2022 might be her flourishing career. She may not want any romantic relationship right now as she wants to focus on her music career. She, however, identifies herself as bisexual as well as pansexual. 

Although Rina is not dating anyone right now, this does not mean she has not dated anyone until now. The London-based performer was previously in a relationship with a man while making her new song, Cherry. But, it tackles the public implications because she came out as pansexual.

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We can also find that most of the Sawayama songs are about girls. Moreover, she hasn't revealed who she has dated till now. She is more focused on her professional life as a singer and doesn't want to couple with anyone for some more years.

Rina Sawayama Finally Spoke About Her Sexuality

Rina Sawayama previously used to call herself a bisexual. Now, she identifies herself as a pansexual. She was finally ready to talk about her pansexuality because she wants to be honest about her own experiences.

Rina Sawayama identifies herself as a pansexual.

Rina Sawayama revealed that she is pansexual.
Photo Source: Twitter

For those who do not know, pansexuality is the attraction to all genders or regardless of gender. It is not limited to sexual choice regarding biological sex, gender, or gender identity. 

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According to Rina, "I've always written songs about girls. I don't think I've ever mentioned a guy in my songs, and that's why I want to talk about it." In her songwriting, she wants to be clear and also want to be honest about all her experiences.

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