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Who is Roger Goodell Wife? Here's What to Know

Parker Published On Mon May 03 2021   Modified On Mon May 03 2021
Who is Roger Goodell Wife? Here's What to Know

Find the Details about Roger Goodell's Wife.

If you're an NFL fan, you're likely familiar with the face that runs it all, Roger Goodell. He is the league commissioner and is responsible for all the major internal decisions in the organization.

However polarizing Roger's position as the commissioner is, he benefits from having an adamantly supportive wife in Jane Skinner, who has stood by him through thick and thin. So, who exactly is Roger's wife? Here's what we know about their marriage.

Who is Roger Goodell Wife? 

The 8th Commissioner of the National Football League, Roger Goodell, tied the knot with the news anchor Jane Skinner. She is a former daytime news anchor who worked for Fox News.

Roger Goodell tied knot with Jane after four years of dating

Roger Goodell tied the knot with the news anchor Jane Skinner in 1997.
Photo Source: Bleacher Report

Roger, 62, shared his vows with Jane in 1997 after dating for four years and currently resides in Bronxville, N.Y., with their twin daughters. He and Jane have been notoriously private about virtually all facets of their lives, whether it be the birth of their twins or just how they get along on a day-to-day basis.

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Jane has even gone to some pretty extreme lengths to defend her husband when times have gotten tough. In 2017, she was actually caught operating a fake Twitter account.

Jane Skinner Used a FakeTwitter Account to Defend Her Husband

In 2017, the Wall Street Journal reported that Jane Skinner used a fake Twitter account to defend her husband and the NFL. Skinner was apparently operating under the name "Jones-Smith" and the handle @forargument.

Roger Goodell wife's Jane love her husband so much that she used fake account to defend her husband

To defend her beau Jane used a fake Twitter account.
Photo Source: CBC Boston

Jane used the fake Twitter account to jab back at journalists who criticized her husband's decisions and to clarify news stories she believed were false. She even interacted with erratic fans here and there.

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Though the account has since been shut down, the news that she had acted in such a way sent shockwaves through the infrastructure of the NFL.

"I’m always bothered when the coverage doesn’t provide a complete and accurate picture of a story," she said to the Journal in response to her fake Twitter account being found out, adding, "I have always passionately defended the hard-working guy I love, and I always will. I just may not use Twitter to do so in the future!"

Jane Skinner Had a Long Broadcasting Career

Jane Skinner began her 20-year television career working at smaller new stations before landing a spot at Fox News. Alongside anchor Jon Scott, she co-hosted Happening Now, a midday program, which stayed active from 2007 to 2018. 

Jane also co-hosted with the anchor Jon Scott in Happening Now

Jane as co-host with anchor Jon Scott in Happening Now
Photo Source: Fan Buzz

When she became a mother to twins in 2001, Jane decided that her career as a reporter had to come to an end to focus on her daughters. The two teens are now college-aged, and they reportedly attend Elon College in North Carolina.

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Skinner returned to television as the executive producer of A Lifetime of Sundays, a 90-minute documentary, which tells the story of four female NFL owners: Virginia Halas McCaskey (Chicago Bears), Martha Ford (Detroit Lions), Patricia Rooney (Pittsburgh Steelers), and Norma Hunt (Kansas City Chiefs), per Fox Business

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