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Aceu Girlfriend in 2022: Is the Twitch Streamer Dating Anyone?

Heisenberg Published On Wed Jan 13 2021   Modified On Sat Jul 30 2022
Aceu Girlfriend in 2022: Is the Twitch Streamer Dating Anyone?

Learn all the details of the girlfriend and relationship status of the popular gamer and Twitch streamer Aceu.

Gamer and Twitch streamer Brandon Winn also best known by the name Aceu, is one of the most popular online Esports players at present. He plays for NRG Esports and plays in their Apex Legends line-up with other esports players such as KingRichardMohr, and Dizzy.

Besides his fame as a well-known gamer, Aceu's personal life also draws the attention of the media and his followers alike. Many people are curious to know who his girlfriend is at present, so we compiled the details of his relationship in the sections below.

Who is Aceu's Girlfriend in 2022?

As of 2022, Twitch streamer Aceu is in a relationship with a girl whose name is not known publicly yet. According to Top Twitch Streamers, Aceu is in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend. Turns out the two seem to be in a committed relationship as of this writing.

Aceu is in a long-term relationship as of 2022.

Aceu is in a long-term relationship as of 2022.
Source: Allison Twitter

Aceu, who holds a net worth of $1 million, loves to showcase his gaming skills to his followers on the Internet, and indeed we can see that he possesses an exceptional talent. But when it comes to his relationships, he's remained pretty mum about it. While he has sometimes mentioned his girlfriend on his social media posts but has not revealed her name and other details related to her. When it comes to his personal life, Aceu is a pretty private person.

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In 2018, Aceu gave his followers a little bit of a glimpse into who his girlfriend is. In a tweet by the gamer on July 11, 2018, he wrote,' let's talk about how beautiful my girlfriend is.' The tweet was a response to two selfies posted by his girlfriend on Twitter. Even though people got to see who she was, Aceu fans still could not figure out her real or full name as her Twitter username was Allison.

A Little About the Gaming Career of Aceu

Aceu's first step into professional gaming began in September 2016, when he created his ESEA account to play pubs. He met numerous people while playing on the site, and one of them offered to introduce him to EclipseGG. Afterward, they both played well and attracted the attention of the Rise Nation.

Aceu entered professional gaming sector in 2016.

Aceu entered the professional gaming sector in 2016.
Source: Brandon Winn Twitter

Soon, Rise Nation offered both Aceu and @Moose a better deal to join their team. Also, they were then bought by eUnited in March 2018 and remained with them until January 2019, when they benched him.

After some time, Aceu began to look for a new challenge and came across the Twitch streaming site. He decided to stream on Twitch and began playing 'Apex Legends' when it was released in February 2019. He was feeling burnt out after playing CS: GO for a long period of time, so he saw Apex as an opportunity to try out something different. 

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Gradually, Aceu began to transition into predominantly streaming Apex rather than CS: GO. He began to be a prolific gamer and began to gain popularity. Afterward, he signed on with NRG Esports in March 2019 as part of their Apex Legends team.

Aceu is Dating Twitch Steamer Daphne

According to K Fan Hub, Aceu is dating Daphne, AKA 39daph, a fellow Twitch streamer. In addition to Twitch, Aceu's girlfriend has a massive fan following on her Instagram and YouTube channels. Yes, she is active on YouTube. 

Aceu is dating Daphne AKA 39daph.Photo Source: Instagram

Aceu is dating Daphne AKA 39daph.
Photo Source: Instagram

Talking about Daphne's channel, she recently posted a video featuring Aceu where one can see them getting cozy and enjoying their time together. Moreover, seeing that video, one can assume they might be sharing the same roof. How lovely is that?

Besides Daphne's YouTube channel, Aceu frequently appears on her Instagram posts. Through their social handles activity, it's safe to say the Internet sensation duo is doing great as a lovely couple. 

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