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Home health Anthony Rizzo Weight Loss, The Star Player More Than 25-Pound in 12 Weeks

Anthony Rizzo Weight Loss, The Star Player More Than 25-Pound in 12 Weeks

Kenshinpark Published On Tue Jun 09 2020   Modified On Tue Jun 09 2020
Anthony Rizzo Weight Loss, The Star Player More Than 25-Pound in 12 Weeks

Let's find out more about Anthony Rizzo's recent weight loss.

Anthony Rizzo (Anthony Vincent Rizzo) is an American baseball player for the Chicago Cubs of MLB, who previously played for the San Diego Padres. Anthony is three times an All-Star player.

Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony is in the headlines recently. The star player is not making the rounds of tabloids for his games but whole different reasons now. Since we all know, there's currently a stoppage on any games or sports due to coronavirus; the 30-year-old player was not taking it easy.

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The star player shocked his fans and followers with his recent weight loss. So, let's find out how he did it and how much did he lose.

Anthony Rizzo's Weight Loss

Anthony Rizzo weight loss.

Anthony Rizzo been training with 'Strength and Performance' coach Tom Flynn.
Photo Source: Performance and Strength Instagram

The star player, Rizzo, has been in Florida since spring break training was stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic. The player has been working out with strength and performance coach Tom Flynn.

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Anthony has now lost at least 25 pounds during all this time. Rizzo's surprising weight loss transformation revelation came in Lynn's Instagram post, where he wrote, "Here's what 12 weeks of grinding and determination looks like. Anthony Rizzo and Mike Napoli showed the big league mental toughness for self-improvement!"

Anthony Rizzo's Workout

To begin with, Anthony Rizzo was not enormous before; however, his transformation following weight loss is impressive. The star player has been grinding six days a week for 12 weeks straight.

As you can see on the video itself, the player's intense workout session is enough to tell the story of his 25-pound weight loss journey. We don't think we need to stress more on his workout routine. Watch the video, and it speaks for itself.

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