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Home lifestyle Who was Ari Fletcher's Brother? Find Out What Happened to Him

Who was Ari Fletcher's Brother? Find Out What Happened to Him

Heisenberg Published On Tue Dec 08 2020   Modified On Mon May 23 2022
Who was Ari Fletcher's Brother? Find Out What Happened to Him

Learn about the brother of Instagram influencer and businesswoman Ari Fletcher, whose legacy she's been carrying on since his demise.

Ari Fletcher is well-recognized as a successful Instagram influencer and has been making quite a lot of money through her Instagram account '@therealkylesister' with over 5.4 million followers. 

Fletcher is using the social media platform to leverage her business line, too, called KYChe, which sells hair extensions. This way, she has completely transformed her life, going from the days of her waitressing in a nightclub to making millions through her Instagram account and business dealings. To be exact, sources claim she holds a net worth of $10 million.

Apart from Ari's incredible ability to make money through social media, many people seem interested in Ari Fletcher's personal life. The thing that sparks the most curiosity among many of her followers is her deceased brother, Kyle 'KJ' Jamison

Fletcher has often mentioned her brother on her Instagram account, but she has never gone into details about what happened to her brother. After doing some digging on the matter, we came across some information about the history and life details of Ari Fletcher's brother, which we have comprehensively compiled below.

What Happened To Ari Fletcher's Brother?

Ariana Fletcher's elder brother Kyle' KJ' Jamison was born on December 7, 1987. She was very close to her brother, and she seemed to be deeply influenced by him. 

Ari's Instagram username @therealkylesister is a tribute to Kyle and his legacy, as she does not want people talking about her without mentioning the name of her brother as well. She also has a tattoo of Kyle's face on the shoulder of her left arm.

A childhood picture of Ari Fletcher and her late brother Kyle 'KJ' Jamison.

Ari Fletcher's brother Kyle 'KJ' Jamison passed away when she was 18 years old.
Source: Ari Fletcher Instagram

Ari Fletcher considered her brother Kyle 'KJ' Jamison the most important person in her life, her everything. She loved him very much, but sadly, Kyle passed away on August 30, 2013, according to Hitc. At the time, Ari was 18 years of age.

Kyle reportedly died due to an illness because an Instagram video Ari dedicated to the remembrance of Kyle had a picture showing her holding a hand (supposedly of her brother) in hospital. But the Instagram influencer has not publicly talked about the reason.

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In one of her recent Instagram posts, Ari Fletcher shared a childhood picture of her and her late brother on the occasion of his birthday. 

'It's a party in heaven right now; I'm gone have a blast for you down here too!' she wrote in the picture's caption. 'You came to me, and I had the worst anxiety when I woke up; it felt so real. Come back and see me soon. I love you. My heart! Happiest birthday.'

Ari Fletcher's Brother Kyle' KJ' Jamison Also Had a Significant Influence Over His Community

Kyle 'KJ' Jamison lived in Richton Park in Chicago, Illinois, and he had a significant influence over the members of his community. Many of Ari's fans had also talked about her brother's impact on his local community in Chicago before he passed away in 2013.

An Instagram post shared by an acquaintance of Ari Fletcher's late brother Kyle Jamison for his funeral and repass.

A post by an Instagram user and possibly an acquaintance of Kyle Jamison for his Sept. 7, 2013 funeral and repass.
Source: Randall Pierre Instagram

'Ari calls herself "KyleSister" because Kyle Jamison was that MAN in these Chicago streets on the media side,' one of Ari's fans tweeted. 'Nobody putting ANY paws on Ariana, bro lol. #LongLiveKyleJ.' On a gofundme page for the 'Kyle John Jamison Education Foundation,' someone wrote: 'Kyle was the type of guy who would walk in a room and light it up with his contagious laughter and big personality.'

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