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Biz Markie Weight Loss - All the Details Here

Bran Published On Mon Jul 27 2020   Modified On Mon Jul 27 2020
Biz Markie Weight Loss - All the Details Here

The world is shook at the moment since the rapper Biz Markie has been hospitalized for weeks now and is in a serious condition. Let's delve into the details regarding his dramatic weight loss, which proved to be a lifeline for him in the past.

The Hip Hop rapper, Marcel Theo Hall, aka Biz Markie, is struggling to live since he has been battling a severe illness for weeks now in the hospital. While we pray for him to get out of it all healthy and alive, this isn't the first time the 56-year-old has been around such a situation. The 'Clown Prince of Hip Hop' has proved to be a great servant to music, and his 1989 single 'Just a Friend' became a Top 40 hit in several countries.

Apart from music, Biz Markie burnt the midnight oil for several years to maintain his health and fitness since he lost over 100 lbs in the past. He remains an inspirational figure for everyone out there who tries their best to shed down their weight and enhance their lifestyle. Hoping that the musician will be healthy very soon, we take you close to his tremendous weight loss experience.

Biz Markie Lost Over 140 Pounds

Biz Markie poses a picture with Zevia, his weight loss secret.

Biz Markie lost over 140 pounds from 2012 to 2014.
Photo Source: Zevia

All the fitness enthusiasts must know how difficult it is to cut down on a single pound. Well, Biz Markie is someone exceptional who managed to cut down over 140 pounds in a span of 2 years. While the techniques like exercise and diet remain natural to drop down on some pounds, the game-changer for the experienced rapper was his dedication and determination get fitter.

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Even though Markie cut down on 140 pounds by 2014, he had extremely high ambitions to lose further 30 pounds. The rapper was genuinely concerned about his health, and 244 was still relatively higher and risky to get diseases. He became a regular at the gym and did some intense work-out exercises and ran on the treadmill for hours to get all the fat cleansed out of his body. The 56-year-old himself revealed how he sticks to an 'overall diet.' 

Biz Markie's before and after weight loss pictures.

Biz Markie opted for Zevia instead of regular sodas.
Photo Source: Pinterest

Markie also opened up on how he preferred to drink Zevia instead of regular sodas because it is relatively natural. Likewise, he also stopped eating like he used to do in the past, which he labeled as 'crazy.' Interestingly, he used to eat like a whole Entenmann's cake at one time, with a half-gallon of milk in the past. When it comes to advising others, he gave three tips, 'cleanse, more water in your diet, and either walk or exercise.'

Why Did Biz Markie Lose Weight?

For a food-lover like Biz Markie, it is not in his best interest to work out to cut down on some weight. In fact, it was a forced decision for the rap icon as he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2012. That was it when it occurred to him how his life was in a huge threat. In an interview with ABC News, he made the bold statement as 'I wanted to live' as the main reason for cutting down on the weight.

Biz Markie's before and after weight loss pictures.

Biz Markie shed down his weight after getting diagnosed with diabetes.
Photo Source: ABC News

Since Biz was diagnosed with diabetes, he didn't have many options, rather than cutting down on some pounds. If he didn't make changes to his lifestyle, the condition was going to be much worse. For the 56-year-old, the primary objective was to get off the Diabetes meds, and he was halfway through by 2014. When the doctors warned him that he could even lose his feet or other body parts, he was quite scared and got serious enough in his pursuit to get lighter.

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