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Christina Anstead Weight Loss - How Many Pounds Did She Lose?

Heisenberg Published On Sun Sep 27 2020   Modified On Sun Sep 27 2020
Christina Anstead Weight Loss - How Many Pounds Did She Lose?

Grab all the details you need to know about the weight loss of the American real estate investor and TV personality, Christina Anstead.

Christina Anstead is well known from her part on HGTV television series 'Flip or Flop,' in which she co-starred alongside her ex-husband Tarek El Moussa. Currently, she runs her own show on HGTV called 'Christina on the Coast,' which features her real estate work for the properties in Southern California.

Lately, fans of Christina's show are talking about her recent weight loss, as the 37-year-old succeeded in slimming down even after the birth of her third child. Through diet changes and exercise, the reality star was able to drop 30 pounds, losing all the baby weight she gained from her third pregnancy with son Hudson. Below, we go into details of how she pulled off such a weight drop, and look at her diet routine and exercise plans.

Christina Anstead Underwent 30-Pound Weight Loss After the Birth of Her Third Child

Just after five months following the birth of her son Hudson, Christina Anstead embarked upon the weight loss journey. She was once even spotted jogging around her neighborhood in Newport Beach. In June 2020, the reality star had revealed that she lost 30 pounds, which she considered that she lost the entire amount of her baby weight. 'I gained 30 pounds during pregnancy and around five months postpartum, I was back to my before baby weight,' she spoke of her weight loss, as per Daily Mail.

Christina Anstead lost 30 pounds of body weight after the birth of her third child.

Christina Anstead lost 30 pounds of body weight after the birth of her third child.
Source: Life & Style

'It may not all be back to where it once was, and I have a bit more toning up to do, but as far as the number on the scale, it's the same as before pregnancy,' she told Life & Style magazine. 'I'm a jeans and T-shirt kinda girl, so fitting back into my skinny jeans was basically my only priority when it came to actual weight loss.'

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Healthy Eating and Exercise Contributed to Christina Anstead's Weight Loss

Christina Anstead lost 30 pounds of body weight in a relatively short period of time in comparison to a normal rate. Despite her busy lifestyle, she managed to allocate time to exercise, and additionally, she supplemented the workout routine with healthy eating habits. 'Because of my crazy work schedule, I was only exercising three times a week, so I definitely credit it to healthy eating,' she says.

Christina Anstead's healthy eating and exercise routine helped her lose weight.
Source: Daily Mail

Christina Anstead approaches her diet with a 90/10 rule. '90 percent of the time I follow my usual healthy eating routine, but if it's a date night or girls' night out, I'll go for that slice of pretzel bread or dirty martini and not torture myself over it,' she explains.

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Christina decided to spread her health and weight loss knowledge by publishing a book named 'The Wellness Remodel,' which she co-authored with Cara Clark. 'I think it's important we listen to our bodies, especially during pregnancy and after babies,' Christina spoke about the theme of the book, stressing on the importance of taking care of one's body. 'Our bodies are constantly giving us signals about what we can and cannot handle. It's when we choose to ignore them that we can get overworked and be forced to sit out for a while. I've become very in tune with my body, and that's something we really dive into in The Wellness Remodel.'

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