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Home health Cristina Bautista Weight Loss - All the Facts Here!

Cristina Bautista Weight Loss - All the Facts Here!

Heisenberg Published On Tue Jul 21 2020   Modified On Tue Jul 21 2020
Cristina Bautista Weight Loss - All the Facts Here!

Grab all the details on the weight loss of the personal trainer Cristina Bautista.

Cristina Bautista is a fitness expert and personal trainer based in Santa Paula, California. She's made some name for herself in the area, as a reputable fitness guru. But her life was not like this the whole time, she lived a completely different lifestyle before.

Cristina Bautista did not work as a fitness guru previously. She lived a completely different lifestyle before but one thing led to her changing her life and led to the state where she is today. Here's the story of how a certain incident made a profound change in her life, transforming her as a person forever.

Cristina Bautista's Ex-Fiance Cheated on Her, Which Changed Her Life. She Then Made a Decision to Lose Weight, As a Way of Coping And Gaining Self Confidence

As we know that Cristina Bautista was not previously a fitness expert, but you might be surprised to learn the fact that she even weighed much above her current weight. Can you believe that such a fit and healthy exercise guru once tipped the scale by weighing over 300 pounds? Shocking, right?

Christina Bautista went from weighing 307 pounds to 135 pounds.

Christina Bautista went from weighing 307 pounds to 135 pounds.
Source: Runner's World

But, how did Cristina Bautista come from weighing at 307 pounds at her heaviest to her current form, attaining a fitness guru body? She underwent a massive weight loss for four years to reach 135 pounds, losing 172 pounds in the process. But, the change was triggered by something that happened in her life and led to this tremendous transformation.

The incredible weight transformation Cristina Bautista made in the last four years boils down to the sole cause that her ex-fiance cheated on her while they were dating. In August of 2015, she received a call from her fiancé’s mistress, of whom she was unaware, telling that she was four months pregnant. The news shocked her as she was already supposed to get married on October 31 of the same year.

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Deeply hurt by her partner's affair with another woman, Cristina Bautista began thinking why her fiance did this to her. A thought popped into her mind and it said: 'He did it because I am overweight and I’m fat and I’m unattractive. That’s why he did it.' She was scared of never finding someone else ever again, making her think that she needed to live with the revelation. She decided to forget it, forgive her partner, and even assist him in raising the child that was not even hers.

But after two weeks, Cristina Bautista got some screenshots from the same mistress, that revealed her fiance telling the mistress he loved her. This left Cristina devastated learning there was also love involved, not some random hookup without feelings. She decided to get out of the relationship, not to meddle herself in their affairs.

Cristina Bautista's Weight Loss Boosted Her Self-Esteem

The revelations about her partner left Cristina Bautista emotionally broken. She went to depression, and at times, even contemplated suicide. But, after going through several emotional highs and lows, she gathered enough courage to hold herself together and renew her life once again.

Cristina Bautista's weight loss boosted her self-esteem.

Cristina Bautista's weight loss boosted her self-esteem.
Source: Runner's World

Cristina became determined to lose weight, the sole thing that was bringing her down the whole time, and boost her self-esteem. She embarked upon the weight loss journey by running, which was an excellent starting point for the exercise she needed to burn calories. It was difficult at first, but she did not give up, she stuck to the idea of slimming down through sheer determination and commitment.

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Cristina Bautista lost between 40 and 50 pounds by April 2016. She became good at running and tested herself as the time passed by giving herself new challenges. She pushed herself as far as she could go, and as of today, she has completed everything from 5Ks to marathons. And of course, she supplemented her running with the appropriate diet plan, making sure she ate nutritious and healthy food items every day. Ultimately, in four years she dropped to 135 pounds, a huge success for her hard work in that time period.

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