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Devon Taylor's Relationship Status and Dating History!

Heisenberg Published On Fri Aug 07 2020   Modified On Fri Aug 07 2020
Devon Taylor's Relationship Status and Dating History!

Grab all the details you need to know about the relationship status and dating history of the American drummer Devon Taylor.

Devon Taylor is an American drummer from Georgia, known for his works with famous music artists like Justin Bieber, Rita Ora, Zendaya, and Musiq Soulchild. He is currently represented by Avedis Zildjian Company. He was always passionate about drums and followed that passion he had since childhood by attending the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media.

Devon Taylor currently works solely for Justin Bieber. He plays drums for the pop superstar's concerts, tours, and performances in various television shows. Devon, is relatively unknown to many bit had made quite a name for being a talented drummer, and working with famous music stars has also increased his credibility. People interested in the young drummer may be eager to learn about his private life, therefore we compiled some details on his relationship status and dating history in the sections below.

Who is Devon Taylor Dating Currently?

Devon Taylor seems to be single for now, but we can't really say for sure. The drummer is very private about his personal life and especially prefers to keep his relationship details secret. As of now, there is no information available on relationship status and dating history about Devon Taylor. But soon, we believe, we are going to see the music artist with a love of his life soon in the future. 

By our estimations, Devon Taylor is not currently dating.

By our estimations, Devon Taylor is not currently dating. 
Source: YouTube

Devon Taylor began his major career when he got an opportunity to work with music artist Musiq Soulchild. He was supposed to fill in for his friend Page at the time but the week turned into a year and another year. He started playing for Musiq Soulchild in 2013. He got a chance to sharpen his skills with Musiq Childhood. It was his first gig and he learned a lot from that. 'It was my first time ever playing with SPDS pad, my first time ever plyaing with click, and slates, 'said Devon. 'It was also my first time playing the show, an actual show where I had to play certain parts and I can't differentiate from what's going on in the record. That was the first time I ever had to learn patterns and stick to the patterns. That gig taught me a lot man.'

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Devon Taylor began talking with Emily from Zildjian (Avedis Zildjian Company) around November of 2015. He was introduced to her by his friend named LaRon Skeeter McMillan. He tells his reason to join Zildjian in an interview with the company's YouTube channel: 'The reason why I wanted to reach out to the Zildjian in the first place is because previous single company and other single companies I was using like just going through their singles and cracking their singles like so fast and man I was just like dude I have to find a company or a single that's like super super sturdy the way I hit.' 

Devon Taylor's Early Years

Devon Taylor began playing drums at the age of 2, according to his parents, but he never took it seriously in the beginning. In 2003, he grew interested in it, and he began playing since the same year at the church where his father was a pastor. He grew passionate about drums and decided to pursue it. 

Devon Taylor began playing drums at the age of 2.

Devon Taylor began playing drums at the age of 2. 
Source: Twitter

Devon Taylor attended Hope Christian Academy in Clayton County, Atlanta, Georgia. But in school, there was not even a single music program at all. So he practiced his drumming skills and gained his style from YouTube, where he gained knowledge from various people. 

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