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Home health Did Maci Bookout Really Ever Lose Weight at All?

Did Maci Bookout Really Ever Lose Weight at All?

Heisenberg Published On Fri Mar 27 2020   Modified On Fri Mar 27 2020
Did Maci Bookout Really Ever Lose Weight at All?

Find out if Maci Bookout from 'Teen Mom OG' lost weight or not?

Maci Bookout is trying new ways to keep her kids occupied with some tasks at home in this self-isolation period of the CoronaVirus outbreak. The show 'Teen Mom OG,' has been canceled just as other shows are. Well, it is going to be a long time before she returns to the series since the epidemic shows no signs of abating any time soon. 

Putting aside the current pandemic that has been in our minds these days, we are trying to find out how Maci Bookout underwent such dramatic weight loss in 2014. Let's delve deeper into how the reality star excessively lost her body weight.

How Did Maci Bookout Dramatically Undergo Weight Loss?

Actually, there is no clear answer to how Maci Bookout lost so much weight. She went through three pregnancies, and she has not even gained any excessive fat. Instead, she's getting slimmer, and in this Instagram picture she posted with her husband, she looks surprisingly thin.

The millionaire star, on the other hand, is giving her own reasons for weight loss. She once said, "I don't know about you, but whenever I lose or gain a good amount of weight, it's usually because there are significant changes going on in my life with stress being a huge factor in it, too!"

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Her work stress or other things may indeed be a factor in her weight loss, but her abnormal weight reduction does have some underlying causes.

Maci Bookout Criticized for Promoting Fake Tea for Weight Loss

In 2017, the reality star Maci Bookout was condemned for her false advertisements on Instagram. She followed the same trend as some of the other celebrities who promote some fake products on the Internet to earn money.

Maci Bookout was promoting 'tea for weight loss' on her Instagram page.

Maci Bookout was promoting 'tea for weight loss' on her Instagram page.
Source: Blasting News

Many of the young girls look up to celebrities as their idols and get influenced by them. Maci's fans were disappointed by her actions, and she got lots of negative remarks on her Instagram page.

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One fan wrote: 

Ugh disappointed in you, Maci. You are naturally skinny so don't need that. Shameful ad just to seek more $ probably don't even use this garbage. I'm working hard so one day my daughter doesn't have to sell detox tea on social media" think you got enough $ already girl, don't fall into these greed scams.

Well, she has stopped doing so since then, and that's good news.

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