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Dylan Wall Weight Loss - All the Facts Here!

Heisenberg Published On Wed Aug 19 2020   Modified On Wed Aug 19 2020
Dylan Wall Weight Loss - All the Facts Here!

Grab all the weight loss details of the college student Dylan Wall.

Dylan Wall is a college student from Dixon County, Tennessee, and lately he's getting known for dropping an incredible 220 pounds of body weight. That is a remarkable feat pulled off by the 21-year-old, who weighed 425 pounds at the time he graduated from high school. Currently he's in much better shape, thanks to his hard work and determination to lose such a tremendous amount of weight.

Dylan Wall, after high school graduation, was too overweight to walk even a few blocks in his neighborhoods. He got reality check about his situation in 2017 when he visited Austin Peay State University for checking it out whether it was a right fit for him or not. 'During a tour of my college, I lost my group because I couldn’t keep up,' he said, according to Metro UK. 'I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it to my classes on time if I stayed on that course.' 'Around the same time, my sister also gave birth to my nephew,' he added. 'I didn’t want to set that example for him.' And thus with such motivation in mind, he embarked on a tough weight loss journey, which he succeeded ultimately through hard work and dedication.

Dylan Wall Began His Weight Loss Journey By Eating Unseasoned Potatoes

Dylan Wall made a rather peculiar approach in the beginning stages of his weight loss journey. For two weeks, the college student survived solely on unseasoned potatoes, a diet that excluded all other items except for that. According to him, he did so to 'clean' his taste buds, thinking it would break his habit of snacking junk food.

Dylan Wall weighed 425 pounds after he graduated from high school.

Dylan Wall weighed 425 pounds after he graduated from high school.
Source: Daily Star

This approach by Dylan is not practical for other people and is not recommended by the nutrition experts. He somehow managed to control his hunger cravings with the method. 'It really helped with my cravings,' Dylan said. 'I then cut out all dairy and red meat. For the most part I just counted my calories.'

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Dylan ate egg whites and two pieces of low-calorie toast for breakfast. His lunch consisted of a turkey sub with no cheese and for dinner he consumed chicken breast with three types of veggies and rice. Through these approaches, Dylan lost 180 pounds of body weight and that was before he went to gym. It took a whole year for him to drop such an incredible amount, and he lost the remaining 40 pounds after he began hitting the gym.

Dylan Wall Hit The Gym to Lose the Remaining Excess Weight

Dylan Wall had made a tremendous progress coming to the point when he lost 180 pounds of weight in a year. But he still needed to drop pounds, to be fully fit and healthy and proceeded to join gym for intense workouts. 'It took just under a year to lose 180 pounds. I didn’t step into the gym until I lost that first bit of weight,' he said.

Dylan Wall lost 180 pounds through appropriate diet plan and fitness routine.

Dylan Wall lost 180 pounds through appropriate diet plan and fitness routine.
Source: Metro

'After the weight loss, I was left with a considerable amount of excess skin, I wanted to fill that up with muscle,' said Dylan, according to Daily Star. But he did not get too excited to work his sweat off, he began slow and began with only cardio. 'I really wanted to be able to do cardio. It was the bane of my existence,' he said. 'At 30 stone, it wasn’t easy to run in gym class, so I did cardio everyday when I started.'

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Dylan took time and after a year, he succeeded in bulking up well. He dropped 40 pounds and is now considering a surgery to remove his excess skin. 'I would do the surgery. I don’t think I knew how mentally taxing being left with the skin would be,' he said. 'After coming this far and losing so much I’m still left with that reminder everyday.'

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