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Ed Gamble Weight Loss, The Comedian Tells A Funny Story About HIs Life Before Weight Loss

Kenshinpark Published On Thu Jul 30 2020   Modified On Thu Jul 30 2020
Ed Gamble Weight Loss, The Comedian Tells A Funny Story About HIs Life Before Weight Loss

A fun story Ed Gamble tells you before his massive weight loss.

Ed Gamble (born Edward Stephenson Jamison Gamble) is an English comedian who is best known for co-hosting 'The Peacock and Gamble Podcast.' 

The 34-year-old started from his college days, While he was studying at Durham University, the comedian started performing with the Durham Revue, and was a finalist in the 2007 Chortle Student Comedy Awards.

So, his early work was Ray Peacock with whom he presented two different series of podcasts, moreover, the comedian also made a television appearance on 'Russell Howard's Good News.' 

The comedian first-ever solo performance came in 2014 at Edinburgh Fringe with the show 'Gambletron 5000' which was a huge success. 

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Since his long career as a comedian, we have seen him change, grow, and lose weight, of course. While many of us did not care about his weight loss, he has a lot of stories to tell you how he coped with being on the heavier side. Before that, let's find about his weight loss itself.

Ed Gamble Weight Loss

If you know Ed Gamble from his earlier days in comedy, then you know he was a little on the heavier side of the weight. Many fans who came to know Ed just now would not recognize them if asked to guess.

Ed Gamble before and after weight loss.

Ed Gamble before and after weight loss.
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Ed's weight loss journey started from 2012, the comedian revealed he lost somewhere close to seven stones in two years, now that's impressive. 

Well, the comedian never really mentioned how he lost weight, but according to some sources, he did it mostly with certain diet changes. He never really bothered with Bootcamp or exercises.

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Ed, however, is reported to have taken up running to lose incredible six stones and more, and his fun story about his life before weight loss includes all of these.

Ed Gamble Before Weight Loss, Tells You Story About His Life Before Weight Loss

On his Gambletron, Ed Gamble talks about his weight loss, and not being able to buy men's urban wear from River Island. Well, obviously, there were other subjects as well, like masturbation, he tells you how he fell sick on a plane, and stuff like that.

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But his show is fairly themed around bodily functions, physical form, shape, and sizes of the body. Gamble also shares equally entertaining anecdotes about a fairly horrific guy on tour holiday with thirty posh blokes and stuff like that.

But, one joke, that managed to drop one girl off her chair was his River Island joke, a story about his life before his weight loss. Just go ahead, and watch it. It's really fun.

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