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Mark Labbett's Impressive Weight Loss Wows Fans

Kenshinpark Published On Wed Jul 29 2020   Modified On Wed Jul 29 2020
Mark Labbett's Impressive Weight Loss Wows Fans

Here's what you should know about Mark Labbett's latest weight loss transformation.

Mark Labbett (born Mark Andrew Labbett) is a British television personality and BBC Radio 1 DJ who is known for his stint on ITV's game show, 'The Chase," as a chaser since 2009. The television personality also has made his appearance on the American and Australian versions of the show.

Moreover, 'The Chase' chaser has appeared on several other TV quiz shows. The television personality turned up on The Radio 1 Breakfast Show to complete a 30 minute DJ set alongside Scott Mills and Chris Stark.

 Following his long career as a chaser, the television personality has managed to gain a massive fan following, and we always surprise his followers with interesting things. Mark has yet again shocked his fans, but this time with his weight loss transformation.

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Let's find out more about Mark Labbett's weight loss, how he did, and why he did it.

Mark Labbett's Weight Loss, A Shocking Transformation

mark labbett weight loss

Photo Source: The Mirror

'The Chase's chaser, Mark Labbett, recently shocked his fans when he flaunted his weight loss. Taking to his social media account, the television personality posted a photo, where he seemed slimmest to date.

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Mark is known as 'The Beast' on 'The Chase,' and after the weight loss, he labeled himself "skinny beast." the 54-year-old put on a trouser too big for him to show how massive he has lost.

How Did Mark Labbett Lose Weight?

Mark Labbett has not shared how much or how he lost weight, well that's something the television personality will update his fans later, we suppose. But back in October 2019, Mark revealed he lost 2.5 stones! Well, that's really something.

It's already been more than nine months since he last updated about his weight, so we can assume he is almost 3.5 to 4 stones down in total. 

mark labbett weight loss

Photo Source: The Mirror

Mark did not share how he lost weight; however, we can guess, it's mostly through his diet changes. A simple change in your diet can do wonders if you are really careful about the calories you intake. 

Moreover, just by cutting down sugar and alcohol altogether can work like a charm. We have seen celebrities after their 50s are often careful about their health and try to lose weight as they are at risk of developing type-2 diabetes. 

And most of the cases, they often do it by tweaking their diets, replacing bread and other junk foods with fresh organic vegetables, sugar with fruits, and alcohol with coffee. Believe us, it works!

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