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Frank Vascellaro Weight Loss - The Full Story

Heisenberg Published On Sun Jun 07 2020   Modified On Sun Jun 07 2020
Frank Vascellaro Weight Loss - The Full Story

Grab all the details on the weight loss of the television anchor Frank Vascellaro.

Frank Vascellaro is one of the news co-anchors on WCCO. He worked in the television station where he reads the news at 5 p.m., 6 p.m., and 10 p.m.

Frank Vascellaro began his career in journalism and television anchoring in 1996. He worked at WAND-TV in Decatur, Ill. and at WHOI-TV in Peoria, Ill. as an anchor/reporter before joining WCCO. The regular viewers of Frank's news show are recently growing curious to know about his weight loss. Therefore, we compiled some detailed information on the subject in the sections below.

Frank Vascellaro's Weight Loss

Frank Vascellaro's news followers can find detailed information on his weight loss written in an article by the anchor himself. He wrote the piece in 2011, and he's been following the same weight loss process since then. At the time, he implemented a specific technique that helped him lose 20 pounds in 1 month.

Frank Vascellaro lost 20 pounds in a month.

Frank Vascellaro lost 20 pounds in a month.
Source: Facebook

He used a particular way of dropping weight then; a diet called the Paleo Diet. The eating method resembles the diet of human hunter-gatherer ancestors which lived thousands of years ago. The eating plan consists of what humans ate 10,000 years ago, which includes a low-carbohydrate diet, gluten-free diet, Whole30, and raw foodism.

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Frank first learned about the diet in the summer of 2011 during the Minnesota State Fair, when he weighed way above his normal mass. He went to T.J. McNiff at the Firm to seek some advice on how to deal with it. McNiff weighed and measured him and challenged him to come into the 'cave.'

Frank Vascellaro implemented the Paleo Diet.

Frank Vascellaro implemented the Paleo Diet.
Source: WCCO

'Because you're basically eating like a caveman,' T.J. told Frank. 'It's all meat, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.' T.J. also followed the Paleo diet himself and seeing how healthy body weight he had, Frank got motivated to implement the same diet plan in his lifestyle.

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Frank went to his doctor for further advice. 'If you can adhere to it and get the exercise in addition, you'll be successful,' Dr. Ron Kaufman of Metropolitan Internists told Frank. 'If you cheat or eat more fatty foods or fried foods or processed foods, then you're going to regain the weight.'

Frank Vascellaro Began Following the Paleo Diet

After seeking the advice from his doctor, Frank Vascellaro began working out with McNiff. He began going to the gym and started working out five days a week for an hour, usually four days lifting weights and one day of cardio.

Frank worked out in the gym with T.J. McNiff.

Frank worked out in the gym with T.J. McNiff.
Source: Rotary Club of Edina

Frank Vascellaro strictly followed the Paleo diet, and as suggested by his doctor, he incorporated the Mediterranean Diet as his ideal diet. With the combination of a proper diet and intense exercise routine, Frank succeeded in dropping 20 pounds.

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