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Meet Gavi Reichman - Journalist Julie Tsirkin's Husband and FINRA Founder

terry Published On Wed Jun 14 2023   Modified On Wed Jun 14 2023
Meet Gavi Reichman - Journalist Julie Tsirkin's Husband and FINRA Founder

Gavi Reichman is a founder and product manager of FINRA which is a Saas Sales company. SaaS business is selling web-based software to clients, and apparently, he is doing well.

Reichman is a good entrepreneur but he is more popular for being the new husband of journalist Julie Tsirkin. They have planned the honeymoon to Italy.

Let's get to know more about him.

Wife - Julie Tsirkin

Gavi Reichman and Julie Tsirkin got married on June 27, 2023, and they have declared they are going to celebrate their honeymoon in Northern Italy and the Swiss Alps. 

They promised to climb the mountain together and make this trip unforgettable and celebrate love.

Father to a Labradoodle

Reichman is the father to Tsirkins' brown Labradoodle dog Stevie. This canine has its own Instagram page managed by Tsirkin. 

Gavi Reichman With Stevie Labradoodle.

That page says that Reichman and Tsirkin are the parents of Stevie.  

Stevie also gets a chance to visit Julie's office sometimes.

Love to Relax With Julie

Gavi Reichman and Julie Tsirkin Love to enjoy each other's company after a long and hard day of work. 

They like to drink and get lousy on their couch after their day ends. 

Gavi Reichman and Julie Tsirkin are enjoying their time.

Reichman's Work and Career

Reichman is a well-educated man who graduated from Rutgers University in New Jersey in 2017 and the same year he was a student associate at The Madison Square Garden company for five months.

After that, he was a sales consultant for them months at Meltwater Company. 

In 2018, he started to work for Yext, a software company as Account Executive, Strategic platform, and worked for three years in this position. Then, he was promoted to Senior Account Executive but worked in this position for a few months only because he was already planning something else.

In 2020, he had already founded the app In. the together app which helped people to get together for almost everything. He was also the head of the product. 

In 2022, he founded FINRA which sells the software online. 

Net Worth

Gavi Reichman has a net worth of $1 million from his multiple businesses. He is currently focused on his dream project FINRA.

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