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Goldie Hawn's Never Admitted of Plastic Surgery, But There Isn't a Lot to Be Answered

Sea Published On Thu Apr 16 2020   Modified On Mon Jun 01 2020
Goldie Hawn's Never Admitted of Plastic Surgery, But There Isn't a Lot to Be Answered

Since her 2014 appearance at the Academy Awards, veteran actress Goldie Hawn's been a subject of several plastic surgery discussions in the past half a decade. While it's not our place to weigh in, many have considered her look a result of several botched operations in the process.

Regardless, she's never responded to the reports that suspect of a plastic surgery operation or ever admitted that she's had one. There's just no stopping the mill that runs on rumors and speculations. Based on several of her appearances, there's plenty to take.

The Plastic Surgery Speculations

In response of how different Goldie Hawn looked in 2017, Closer Weekly brought in experts to weigh in on the rumors or other claims that she's gone under the knife quite a few times. As you know, they have a flair of noticing subtle changes that can happen as a result of certain types of plastic surgeries.

Before and after picture of Goldie Hawn's plastic surgery comparison.

Some commentators say she's ruined her natural beauty.
Photo Source: Closer Weekly/Getty

Dr. Adam Hamawy suggests her of having at least a mini-facelift, the flawless skin regularly maintained with laser or chemical peels. "She has certainly had fillers in her cheeks and under her eyes," he says.

Meanwhile, Dr. Vartan Mardirossian suspects she definitely got some Botox despite agreeing to Hawn having a surely good skin care facility. "[She may have gotten a] possible lower eyelids blepharoplasty [because there are] no eyelid wrinkles," he mentioned, also adding that a nose job is also possible. "The tip is refined, and the dorsum of the nose is straight."

Another before and after comparison of Goldie Hawn's plastic surgery rumors.

Nothing goes untalked in the glamour world.
Photo from: Pinterest

Besides & prior to all that, she's also been suspected of having had fillers on her lips, with a bit of liposuction to remove fat from the body, as well as having had breast implants like her daughter Kate Hudson's been talked about a lot.

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One comment went too far though. During a chitty chatty conversation with David Letterman on his show, comedienne Joan Rivers, God rest her soul, alleged Hawn of having too much work done. "She’s been pulled so tight, they say, that when she swallows she has an or**sm," she laughed.

What Could It Be...

Well, there's really no concrete evidence to back up any of those plastic surgery speculations, but considering how Rivers was herself too tied to the topic to have known a thing or two about it, Goldie Hawn might've had some work done on her face.

Goldie Hawn in the movie 'Wildcats' in 1986.

Age definitely did a number on her.
Photo Source: Wildcats [1986], AF archive

But then again, it also might attribute to the extreme skin care that she's been able to have with her at all times. And there's really no trusting discussion based on the different expressions on her face when her photographs get taken. It might just be another camera/photography trick.

Fans, too, are not happy for her newer appearances, if she's ever did anything with it. Already cute women getting a facelift is not what anyone ever wants to see. But age has its way, and when you gotta do it, you gotta do it.

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All in all, there will never be an accurate guess to if she's ever had any such procedures, unless she herself comes forward with reactions to her speculations. Or testimony from any of her plastic surgeons, if there are any, or from anyone who for sure knows she's got some.

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