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Swoosie Kurtz Never Admitted to Plastic Surgery, But There Are Speculations

Sea Published On Sun Apr 12 2020   Modified On Wed Jul 20 2022
Swoosie Kurtz Never Admitted to Plastic Surgery, But There Are Speculations

Who's been around for over half a century in the entertainment industry and still going strong. Swoosie Kurtz, that's who. Her acting credit dates as far back as 1956, and while there are ups and downs, she's persevered in the industry with such immense experience.

However, when she's played a mother to an already aged individual in many of her recent shows, it still makes it hard to believe she's now 77 in 2022. She is unmarried

While aging is natural for anyone, the signs were too slow for people to notice she may have had something done with her face. A touch of plastic surgery tweak, perhaps?

In the End, Swoosie Kurtz's Plastic Surgery Journey Just Remain Speculations

After Swoosie Kurtz was 50 and continued starring in many comedy series, there was little sign that she was getting older. It was almost like she froze in time and was 50 forever. So when it came down to investigating why she looked constant, there were just speculations swarming around the modern world of the internet.

Swoosie Kurtz's before and after comparison for her plastic surgery rumors.

This picture is actually popular when asking if she's ever gone under the knife.
Photo Source: Pinterest

The first of those speculations is a facelift. She is thought to have tightened certain muscles of her face to get that not-so-wrinkled look. Yes, people have noticed her jawbone area go from a little flat to something with an apparent slope, instead of the other way around.

Another thing some people have deduced that she had was a boobjob. It seems she had her breasts lifted to remain youthful. But there's no conclusive proof, and neither has Surtz herself said anything about any of her plastic surgery rumors. So, you'll never know.

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At another point, and this was way after the above speculations, some onlookers commented that she had a subtle nose job before getting any of her other cosmetic procedures.

Considering Kurtz Is Still Going Strong, Maybe There's Something in Her Genes?

For the last decade, she's been involved in many projects, more than how much you'd expect a person in their seventies would be involved in. Since finishing up her not-missing-a-single-episode work with 'Mike and Molly' in 2016, she was part of another similar kind of one-season show, 'The Dangerous Book for Boys' in 2018 while already being an integral part of Matt LeBlanc's 'Man with a Plan' in 2017.

Swoosie Kurtz, Liza Snyder and Matt LeBlanc in 'Man with a Plan'.

Kurtz is still springing on.
Photo Source: Man with a Plan, CBS

The fourth season is ongoing and another show, Call Me Kat, is already in pre-production. The latter will star 'The Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik. And she's buying a cafe...

So yeah, Kurtz, who enjoys a massive net worth of $9 million, is determined to continue her career despite her age, and there seem no signs of stopping her. Although it might be because acting in comedy shows easily for her, keeping such a strength to go on for a woman her age might mean age is just not catching up to Kurtz as it would any other individual.

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So, when it boils down to why it looks like she's had plastic surgery to preserve her age, it might just be in the genes keeping her from aging since her fifties/sixties. Also, the decision to never get married or have children probably helped too. But until she comes out, to tell the truth, we'll never know. Still, it's unlikely she'll say anything about it as people are just speculating it, not bugging her too much about it.

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