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Home lifestyle Who is Han So Hee Dating in 2021? Details on Her Boyfriend

Who is Han So Hee Dating in 2021? Details on Her Boyfriend

bbk Published On Mon Aug 09 2021   Modified On Sun Jun 12 2022
Who is Han So Hee Dating in 2021? Details on Her Boyfriend

Grab All Th Details Of Han So Hee Current Relationship and Past Love Life!

The number of Korean actors and musicians' fans is increasing by a noticeable amount all over the world. So, if you are the one whose favorite watches Korean drama, you must be familiar with the name Han So Hee, the actress who portrays the character of Yoo Na-bi in Nevertheless. The actress is also a fashion model.

The Abyss actress is a millionaire, and she holds a net worth of $2 million in 2021. Han charges $20,000 for a single episode of television series.

Many are interested in knowing the details of Han So Hee's love life. So, if you are also the one struggling to grab the details on her boyfriend and past relationships, this article is just for you. 

What is Han So Hee's Relationship Status?

What do you think of the upcoming series My Name actress's relationship status in 2021? Is Han So Hee dating anyone, or is she living a single life?

Han So Hee is single as of 2021.

Han So Hee is single as of 2021.
Photo Source: Instagram

Well, there are rumors that the Nevertheless actress is dating one of her co-actor. However, the actress has never responded to the word officially. So, it is safe to say Han is single in 2021.

Who is Han So Hee's Rumored Boyfriend?

According to some reports, Han So Hee is currently dating fellow actor and model Song Kang. The stars know each other from the shooting of their series Neverthless. And it is believed that the duo might be dating since the post-production of the series.

Han So Hee is rumored of dating Song Kang.

Han So Hee is rumored of dating Song Kang.
Photo Source: VOI

But how did the gossip actually begin? Well, nothing much happened, but So Hee and Kang were caught holding their hands behind the scenes, which made people believe that they might be a thing. 

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The couple had shared an on-screen romance, and their bond grew stronger after the shooting ended. Han and Song were also leaning on each other's shoulders which made the gossip spread like wildfire.

Nevertheless Star Han So Hee's Past Relationships

According to Married Celeb, Han So Hee was in a rumored relationship with Jung Da Eun, a Korean actress known for her roles in the series The BeginningCoffeeDo Me a Favor, and Class of Lies

Many speculated that So Hee and Da Eun were romantic after their vacation pictures in Vietnam came out in October 2019.

Han So Hee was rumored of dating Jung Da Eun.

Han So Hee was rumored of dating Jung Da Eun.
Photo Source: Daily Naver 

In one of the Instagram posts, Eun was trying to tie Han's shoelaces. Fans were compelled to think that the stars are dating after the photo went viral on the internet. 

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Han tried to clear all the false news related to her and said that she is not in a relationship with Jung. The model said that the duo is just good friends and has known each other since their twenties.

Although Han cleared she and Jung are just close friends, she once claimed that she and the latter were a thing via Instagram Live. According to her, "We've been dating longer than people expect;" however, she later denied it and described it just to be a joke.

The actress caught in the news of plastic surgery also cleared that she was in a relationship with her boyfriend for the last five months. However, Han didn't disclose anything about the then-boyfriend.

Are Han So Hee And Song Kang a Thing in 2022? Han So Hee's Relationship Update

Are Han So Hee and Song Kang a thing in 2022? Are they really dating? Well, it is a question unanswered; thus, there is nothing to comment.

However, Hee and Kang were seen getting cozy behind the scenes, which we already mentioned earlier. If we think about that, there is a chance the duo might be dating secretly.

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Despite that, we can't be sure as of now as both parties haven't shared anything on this topic. Due to this, it's safe to say the duo isn't a thing. Nevertheless, we will be there for you if anything on their dating rumors comes out.  

Although there is nothing new to talk about Hee's love life, there is something to share about her fortune. According to Epic Stream, she holds a massive net worth of $5 million as of 2022.

If we compare the number with her previous one, then there is nothing wrong with noting that Hee's net worth has seen extensive growth. A year ago, her net worth of estimated to be $2 million.

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