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Did Han So Hee Had Plastic Surgery?

bbk Published On Sun Aug 08 2021   Modified On Wed Jul 27 2022
Did Han So Hee Had Plastic Surgery?

Learn All The Details of Han So Hee's Plastic Surgery and Facial Transformations Here!

Korean idol Han So Hee is renowned for her work in the television series Nevertheless. In that specific show, she portrayed the character of Yoo Na-bi. Similarly, she is also best known for her performance in the series The World of the Married.

The 26-year-old actress/model is facing a rumor of dating fellow actor Song Kang. The couple might be dating since the post-production of the series Nevertheless and fans love their off-screen moments.

The My Name actress has over 9.4 million followers only on Instagram. There is a lot of gossip regarding the actress, including her cosmetic surgeries. Let us find out if they are authentic or limited to rumors.

Has Han So Hee Undergone Plastic Surgery?

What do you think of After the Rain's actress Han So Hee's plastic surgery rumors? Has she gone under the knife? 

Has Han So is rumored of having plastic surgery.

Has Han So is rumored of having plastic surgery.
Photo Source: Instagram

Well, there are no official reports on Han's cosmetic changes. Thus, every gossip regarding Forbe's 39th Korea Power Celebrity's plastic surgery seems to be baseless and false. 

How Did Han So-hee's Plastic Surgery Rumor Spread?

The rumors of the actress' plastic surgery spread quickly after an old photo of the actress went viral on the internet. Han So-hee, who enjoys a net worth of $2 million, looked different from the picture of her past, after which people thought that the Abyss actress might have gone under the knife to change her looks.

Has Han So is 27-year-old. Photo Source: Instagram

Has Han So is 27-year-old. 
Photo Source: Instagram

According to Motto Korea, Han revealed that she has never gone through any cosmetic changes. The actress is so confident that she even said, "There is no real fixation. But people just corrected their teeth. I know one line. I will go to the plastic surgery clinic to prove it." 

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As some of the old pictures brushed the internet, Han also admitted, "It has changed a lot," however she added, "Compare everyone with the middle school days. Everything changes." 

Han So Hee Tattoo and Controversies

It's not hidden that the 5' 5" tall actress Han So Hee inked her hands before her movie debut. The actress had many beautiful tattoos, as seen on her old snaps.

It's not hidden that the 5' 5" tall actress Han So Hee had multiple tattoos on her hands before her movie debut.

Han So Hee had multiple tattoos on her hands.
Photo Source: SCMP

However, the Money Flower cast decided to remove all her body art before entering the show biz. Though the process was arduous and painful, Han took the tough decision and cleared her tattoos.

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The rumors related to Han don't end here. The actress also went through controversy as a photo of her smoking a cigarette also went viral. Some of the viewers also accused Rookie of the Year 2021 winning actress of smoking marijuana.

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