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Who Is 'Impractical Jokers' Star Joe Gatto's Wife, And How Is Married Life Treating Him?

Sea Published On Sat Sep 12 2020   Modified On Sun Apr 17 2022
Who Is 'Impractical Jokers' Star Joe Gatto's Wife, And How Is Married Life Treating Him?

If you want someone to lose a challenge, involve their wife into it. And while Joe Gatto's wife has appeared only once in the eight seasons of 'Impractical Jokers', he's had to lose a number of challenges because the others just put him in an uncomfortable position with his wife.

Joe's the only married Joker (ignoring the time he wore a female wedding dress himself) among the four best friends who make up the show, but while he's got one over all three of them in terms of romance, they have every chance to use that against him to make him lose. Whether that be including his wife somewhere or just challenging him to say something that could potentially offend his spouse.

Joe Gatto with his wife Bessy Gatto years before the wedding.

Throwback to one of those days.
Photo Source: Bessy Gatto, Instagram

Joe Gatto married Bessy Gatto on September 2, 2013, between the airing of the 20th and the 21st episode of the second season. And the jokers used the marriage against him to make him bow out in the very first episode of the third season. But with two kids together, it was all worth it.

Joe Gatto Started Dating Bessy in 2009 As Sal Officiated Their Wedding

The wedding between Joe and Bessy was mentioned in the first episode of Season 3 in January 2014 as he refused to refer to his wife on a cold day as a "pig in a blanket". The marriage then became his Achilles Heel throughout the entirety of the series.

However, it's lesser-known that they were together for four years before their big wedding. Bessy shared a throwback photo on social media in the year of their marriage, which she captioned, "First picture we ever took, 4 years ago."

Bessy kissing Joe on the cheek as he takes a selfie.

The first picture anyone would've dreamed of in 2009.
Photo Source: Bessy Gatto, Instagram

The wedding was a private ceremony, albeit outdoors, with Sal Vulcano officiating the wedding. He's a reverend, if that's new. Brian Quinn and James Murray probably were his best men.

Despite Being Tortured into Challenges for Being Hitched, He's Always Been Loyal

There's no limit to what the guys can find to use against Joe. But despite the odds, he tries his best to refrain from not offending his wife. And there have been so many times he's had to take the loss. But she may not mind some of it, he asks her in advance.

Gatto with his wife and daughter.
Photo Source: Instagram

One of the most popular times has been when Bessy herself appeared on the show under the request of his friends, and he had to choose between making her upset by kissing an actress and losing the challenge titled, 'Find the Mouth', in episode 9 of 'Impractical Jokers' Season 4.

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It took a while for him to make the decision, and he was so flustered that he ended up taking the loss on the challenge by going straight to kiss his wife instead.

The two are parents to two kids, older daughter Milana Gatto, 4, and son Remington "Remo" Gatto, 3. And at times, they are also referenced on the show. In fact, Milana made an appearance during one punishment for Joe when he had to attend a parenting focus group and provide uncomfortable answers [200th episode]. And they used Remo's name in a 'Name Game' challenge to make him laugh as well, but with fail.

The Two Are Dog Lovers As They Adopted a Lot of Them

As is clear from the show, Joe is a big dog lover, not the way Sal is though, who 'prefers' dogs over cats. It's been seen in a few episodes of the show, particularly the one where all of his dogs made an appearance. He now has six of them, Spumoni, Biscotti, Tartufo, Napoleon, Pignoli and Cannoli.

Joe Gatto with his wife Bessy Gatto, their two kids and five dogs in front of a Christmas tree.

Couldn't have summed it up better.
Photo Source: Bessy Gatto, Instagram

The extent of his love for dogs is shown by his advocacy for the adoption of dogs rather than buying from breeders. He's voiced the 'Adopt, Don't Shop' movement. His wife supports the same sentiment with advocacy for 'NorthShore Animal League America', as well as 'California Fire Foundation' during the South California fire.

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In summary, married life has never been better for Joe, and that's despite all the uncomfortable times he's been pushed back to for the sake of a challenge. The guys can only wish they have a relationship like Joe's. Not bad for the last Joker to lose his virginity. But Murr's getting married soon. Good luck on that one.

Joe Gatto And Bessy Gatto Divorce

The news might shock many, but it's true that Joe Gatto and his better half are ending things between them. Yes, Gatto and Bessy filed for divorce. 

Joe Gatto with his children.Photo Source: Instagram

Joe Gatto with his children.
Photo Source: Instagram

Although they wouldn't be together as a couple, the duo will be in touch for their kids, as noted by Page Six. He shared the news of his split from Bessy on New Year's Eve. Further, he also shocked his fans by announcing his departure from the comedy series Impractical Jokers that day. 

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