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Home lifestyle Is Impractical Jokers' Sal Vulcano in a Relationship of Any Kind?

Is Impractical Jokers' Sal Vulcano in a Relationship of Any Kind?

Sea Published On Sun Sep 06 2020   Modified On Wed Mar 16 2022
Is Impractical Jokers' Sal Vulcano in a Relationship of Any Kind?

Considering all the times James Murray has been made fun of on 'Impractical Jokers' for being "physically unlikeable" because of his looks, you'd think he would be the last to get hitched. But time's still young (not the boys though), and Brian Quinn loves cats as pets, so Sal Vulcano has quite a while before racing to finish last when it comes to dating and relationships.

There's no need to discuss Joe Gatto's situation as somewhere along the second season, he's hitched, which also spell trouble when it comes to the challenges he has to do without offending his wife. The guys just know what to do against him to make him take the loss.

Sal watches his sister walk the aisle with Murr while strapped to a hand truck.

We all remember that one...
Photo Source: Impractical Jokers, TruTV

Q's relationship story is another one, and Murr's got an unending list of relationship woes, vividly portrayed on the show (all the pathetic times his crushes have had to see for his punishment). As for Sal, he's not been called a ladies' man, but the boys do agree he has a certain charm about him without any luck yet. He does care greatly for his appearance though.

Sal Vulcano's Relationship Is Easily Single, But Fans Do Love Him

To be straightforward, Sal Vulcano is not tied to any romantic relationship at 43, and neither does he really talk about it much. He is smitten when it comes to a challenge involving a girl. Like that time he deliberately took up a challenge to kiss a stranger only to see it terribly fail with mints in his mouth (third season, by the way).

He did get some when he went on a "Date Night" once, although Joe kept popping up as his conscience and replaced the girl. Yeah, it went horribly and awkwardly. Either way, that was only a clip from the show archives (a staged episode that is). In real life, he's likely just a really private person when it comes to dating.

Sal gets rejected during a challenge on 'Impractical Jokers'.

Sal strikes out on that one.
Photo Source: Impractical Jokers, TruTV

When people do recognize him, they go nuts over him. Maybe there will be a prospect from somewhere in that area. If he starts working on his habit of falling down laughing. Although, that may work like a charm instead.

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That being said, he's had his fair share of wedding disasters on the show, even if it's for the sake of a prank, or better yet, punishments. He did embarrass himself with his speech at a stranger's wedding that the three others wrote as punishment for him. And no one will ever forget the time Murr got legally married to Sal's sister for just a day to punish him.

He did officiate Joe's wedding though.

Fans Are Going Gaga Over the Wish to Marry Sal

'Impractical Jokers' is still going on despite the pandemic, with the 'After Party' and 'Dinner Party' specials though. And as the fandom keeps growing, so does the list of fangirls after his wedding finger. That may be keeping it unreal, but it may happen.

His life partner will have to live with two permanent Jaden Smith tattoos, by the way.

His life partner will have to live with two permanent Jaden Smith tattoos, by the way.
Photo Credit: Instagram

One hardcore fan wrote, "I want to marry Sal Vulcano" on Twitter, to which another one replies, "Same's." Another one asked him if they could name their cat after him, probably knowing full-well he's afraid of cats (especially 'Benjamin'), which, in contrast, is very logical to ask of him.

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And throughout the show, fans have found themselves loving the kind of food he's suggested from time to time. He worked at, at least, a pizza joint for years, so there's a lot to come from him. One of these days, he'll find someone to officially start dating.

Sal Vulcano Might Be Married To His Rumored-Wife Francesca Muffaletto

As of 2022, there is still nothing available on Sal Vulcano's wife. There is still nothing official document to vouch for his married life. However, at the end of 2021, rumors spread like wildfire that the comic might be married to Francesca Muffaletto.

According to Hollywood Mask, a Tumblr user claimed that Vulcano was wearing a ring on his left ring finger. As per the site, audiences from Vulcano's Boston show spotted the wedding band. However, the Impractical Jokers cast never commented anything on this, and his recent Instagram posts don't feature that ring anymore.

If you guys reach this kind of this article, then you might already know that Vulcano really prefers to keep his private life away from the spotlight. Due to this, many of his fans even started the rumor that he might be gay. However, like every other detail, no official documents are available to vouch for that speculation.

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