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Home health Jessica Simpson's Treacherous Weight Loss Journey Is Awe-Inspiring

Jessica Simpson's Treacherous Weight Loss Journey Is Awe-Inspiring

Heisenberg Published On Tue May 19 2020   Modified On Tue May 19 2020
Jessica Simpson's Treacherous Weight Loss Journey Is Awe-Inspiring

Grab all the information of the American singer, actress, fashion designer, and author Jessica Simpson's Weight Loss Journey.

Jessica Simpson has been a prominent personality in the entertainment industry. She's worked in her professional years as an actress and a reality television star. She's also had a career as a singer, and she is an entrepreneur too.

'The Dukes of Hazzard' actress has had a massive success throughout her career in the showbiz. But she's been making progress in her personal life too. She recently lost 100 pounds of body weight in six months, following the birth of her baby girl Birdie Mae Johnson. Many are curious to find out how she achieved such a feat. Below, we have compiled detailed information on the weight loss of the 39-year-old actress and singer in order to provide the answer.

Jessica Simpson Lost 100 Pounds of Excess Body Weight in Six Months

Jessica Simpson gave birth to her third child, daughter Birdie Mae Johnson, on March 19, 2019. Soon after birth Jessica's weighed a staggering 240 pounds. But in six months, the actress and singer underwent a successful weight loss and dropped about 100 pounds of body weight. By September of 2019, Jessica had gone such a dramatic transformation that she looked completely different. 

Jessica Simpson underwent 100 pounds of weight loss in six months.

Jessica Simpson underwent 100 pounds of weight loss in six months.
Source: Good Morning America

Jessica started her six months of weight loss journey by hiring a personal trainer named Harley Pasternak. The trainer began Jessica's training gradually with walking 6,000 steps daily at first. Slowly, the walking increased to 14,000 steps.

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Jessica used to hit the gym too. She did 45-minute workout sessions three days a week. She worked very hard with another of her trainer, Sydney Liebes,along with Pasternak she started showing the results. Sydney even congratulated Jessica on her Instagram post saying: 'You have worked your ass off and the reward is priceless! I've been training for 10 years now and I have never been more excited for a client transformation.'

Jessica Simpson Approached Her Diet by Adopting' Body Reset Diet' Eating Plan

Jessica's change in eating habits was a considerable contribution to her weight loss. She adopted her trainer Pasternak's 'Body Reset Diet.' The diet plan allows a person to have three meals and two snacks per day. 

Jessica Simpson adopted Body Reset Diet.

Jessica Simpson adopted Body Reset Diet.
Source: The Blast

'Body Reset Diet' consists of eating protein, fiber, and fat with the snack having a mix of protein and fiber or protein and fat. Jessica followed this eating routine very strictly, with occasional exceptions for special events like a birthday party or a date. The diet efficiently helped the singer lose 100 pounds of weight. 

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But the right diet and intense workouts are not only things that helped her lose weight. She kept herself away from technology for an hour every day. This assisted her in getting restful sleep. And she also got at least seven hours of sleep every night. Only by implementing all of these things into her daily life, she was able to lose 100 pounds of weight in six months.

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