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Home health All About Kate Silverton Weight Loss, Find Out How She Went Back to Her Pre-Baby Body

All About Kate Silverton Weight Loss, Find Out How She Went Back to Her Pre-Baby Body

Kenshinpark Published On Sun Jun 14 2020   Modified On Sun Jun 14 2020
All About Kate Silverton Weight Loss, Find Out How She Went Back to Her Pre-Baby Body

Let's find out how Kate Silverton achieved her weight loss.

Kate Silverton is an English TV personality and journalist, well-known as the presenter for the BBC. The news presenter is often seen presenting the 'BBC News at One,' 'BBC News at Six,' 'BBC News at Ten,' and 'BBC Weekend News.'

Kate is currently the Deputy Presenter of the BBC News at One. While she was is excellent presenter, no doubt, she is making the round of tabloid for whole different reasons recently. If you have seen the presenter recently, then you must have seen her transformation. 

Kate has undergone a massive weight loss, and people are going crazy seeing her transformation. Let's find out how she did.

Kate Silverton's Weight Loss

According to the reports, It all goes back to 2018 when Kate Silverton participated on the celebrity dance reality show, 'Strictly Come Dancing.' And the TV personality credits her massive weight loss transformation to the show only, how you wonder?

Kate Silverton Weight Loss.

Kate with her two kids, Clemency and Wilbur
Photo Source: Daily Mail

Kate revealed she lost a lot of weight while her stint on the reality dance competition; the grueling, intense training scheduled that she went through as a participant is what helped her to be able to fit back into her wedding dress, which she wore in 2010. 

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The presenter further revealed she had a gleeful day when she finally fit back into her wedding gown, even after two babies, Wilbur and Clemency

How and What Happened During the Show?

Kate, who could not believe and seemed absolutely thrilled following she went back to her pre-baby weight, revealed she lost almost a stone throughout the nine weeks of 'Strictly Come Dancing' training. 

Kate Silverton Weight Loss, Before and After.

Kate, before and after, "Strictly Come Dancing."
Photo Source: The Sun

The BBC presenter could not be thankful enough to her dance partner Aljaz Skorjanec, who worked really hard and made her work hard, too, for Saturday nights. She credits her dance partner for the huge transformation.

The TV personality revealed, "And my husband is pleased about that.[ nudge nudge!] I feel liberated too! I was looking at my thighs today, and I'm getting so much definition. The costume team has already had to take my dresses twice."

When asked why Silverton chose to be on the show, Kate, at that time, unveiled, "The reason why I have never done Strictly before is that I have two children. My kids are too young; now they are four and nearly seven."

Silverton continued, "I just thought now it would be a good time to take part. It's interesting because it's really full-on - and my husband also works away a lot, so we are 'juggling juggling' the situation a lot between us."

Kate added, "But the nice thing is, I took Wil to a photo shoot, which is hilarious - so I had to get Graziano [Di Prima] to babysit. They were wrestling on the floor at one point. So you know, I can get the children involved, which is great. But I have only been working part-time since I came back from maternity leave. So I'm taking some time adjusting."

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