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Home health Katie Maloney Weight Loss, Exercise Routines and If She Followed a Strict Diet

Katie Maloney Weight Loss, Exercise Routines and If She Followed a Strict Diet

Bran Published On Fri Apr 24 2020   Modified On Fri Apr 24 2020
Katie Maloney Weight Loss, Exercise Routines and If She Followed a Strict Diet

If 'Vanderpump Rules' star Katie Maloney didn't impress you by now, then her recent weight loss journey might. Get all the details right here!

Actress Katie Maloney is certainly well-settled in the entertainment industry, courtesy of her place in 'Vanderpump Rules'. As one of the valuable assets of Bravo TV, the girlfriend of Tom Schwartz didn't have much to prove, but instead, she decided to shed down weight for her own good.

Be it with her TV show affiliation or self-owned entrepreneurial venture, actress Katie Maloney did amass a significant net worth to her bank balance. Despite that, she felt a void to fulfill with numerous criticisms on her way regarding her big weight. And consequently, the fan-favorite server did burn the midnight oil to get back in shape and regain a much-needed confidence. So, without wasting much time, let us know the process involving diet and exercises behind the result.

Why Did Katie Maloney Lose Weight?

Despite being a megastar already, Katie Maloney often heard people getting harsh on her physical side and body-shaming the diva. It was quite evident that fans used to point at her big weight straight away on her social media platforms as well. Surprisingly, a fan even wrote, "she did get James fired running to Lisa like the fat disgusting cry baby she is."

Although comments like these seem quite normal for celebrities, they did affect her mentally and did significant damage to her self-confidence. Over time, her husband, Tom, defended Katie as well, labeling how he is 'disgusted' by the people's comments on his wife online. Initially, Katie even approached the head, Lisa Vanderpump, when James abused her and said how she wasn't willing to work in a place where such fat-shaming was prevalent.

Katie Maloney in a orange dress poses a picture with husband Tom Schwartz.

Actress Katie Maloney lost 20 pounds after altering significant certain changes in her lifestyle.
Photo Source: Katie Maloney Instagram

The hate comments were usual for Tom as well, are subject to his wife. He even saw things like, "Your wife sucks, and she is fat." Even though, as a human being, he wants to retaliate, as a celebrity, he holds back and supports Maloney in every way, the perfect husband ever, isn't it? Although Tom never felt the necessity for his wife to shed down some weight and get slim, it was Maloney's decision and for her own good rather than in response to the social media haters.

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When it comes to her increased weight, there were several reasons for it. Although Katie Maloney used to hit the gym daily, she failed to shed down significant weight because her glucose levels were extremely high. Initially, she thought it was the thyroid issue, which resulted in such a gained weight, but the medical reports gave her an accurate picture. Since the high glucose levels were a big danger to her health, which could have caused 'pre-diabetic' problems, Maloney felt that she needed to lose weight anyhow and cut down on the sugar levels before it's too late. And, thus, the hard journey began.

Katie Maloney Lost 20 Pounds

Actress Katie Maloney in a white dress poses a picture.

Katie Maloney didn't go on a strict diet to lose her  weight.
Photo Source: Katie Maloney, Instagram

After receiving the health caution, Katie Maloney was dead serious on her goal to cut down some weight. Consequently, she crossed paths with an experienced nutritionist who gave her tips regarding proper diets, considering her metabolism as insulin-sensitive.

Thanks to him, she no longer needed to go on a strict diet, but she did change her lifestyle a bit. In addition to that, she went through a strict workout schedule, more intense than her normal routine to achieve her goal.

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It was amidst the COVID-19 crisis, on March 10, 2020, when she revealed her brand new look and announced how she lost 20 pounds. It got her fans extremely excited, and there came a flood of compliments. One of them commented, "Good job! You look fantastic and always beautiful."

Katie Maloney in a black top and pant poses a picture.

Katie Maloney's husband Tom Schwartz supported his wife throughout her struggles to lose weight.
Photo Source: Katie Maloney Instagram

Thus, Katie Maloney, with her weight loss success, remains an inspiration to everyone in the world who ever got body-shamed by their peers or anyone else. She lives the best version of herself with her husband Tom Schwartz at their brand new house worth $1.9 million at Cape Cod in 2019.

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