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Home lifestyle Kenny G's Son Max Gorelick Is Also a Musician — Get to Know Him

Kenny G's Son Max Gorelick Is Also a Musician — Get to Know Him

Bran Published On Tue Mar 31 2020   Modified On Thu Jun 09 2022
Kenny G's Son Max Gorelick Is Also a Musician — Get to Know Him

Everyone is aware of the stature and legacy that Kenny G created in the music industry. Can his son Max Gorelick continue what his father started? Let's find out.

When you got a father like Kenny G, who is a music legend in the field of smooth jazz and saxophone, it's certainly difficult for his elder son, also a musician, Max Gorelick to live up to his father's standards, but he does his part and tries the best.

Max Gorelick, son of the legendary musician, pursues a career in the same music industry. Unlike his dad Kenny, his songs and music specialize in the metal genre. So, without wasting much time, let's find out more about him.

Max Gorelick: A Part of the Mantle

Kenny G's eldest, Max Gorelick, is pursuing his musical dream quite well since he is a part of a metal band named 'The Mantle'. Well, it is a trio band and who better to lead it than the son of Kenny G himself. Gorelick finds his company in yet another talented guitarist cum songwriter, Jake Miller, who is known for his ability to discover the spirit of his music.

Max Gorelick in left poses for a picture with The Mantle's members.

Max Gorelick's band The Mantle released their first album in 2017.
Photo Source: The Metal Archives

As per the likes of Kenny G's son Gorelick and company, the Mantle interprets something that comprises the intensity and chaos of the world, aesthetically like a mantelpiece and structurally like earth's molten inner layer. Moreover, the band represents its literal meaning, like the earth's layer, which is chaotic, unpredictable, and continuously changing.

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Max Gorelick's music band released its first album, titled 'The Mantle' itself in 2017, which got a fair share of income and appreciation. Only time will tell if the band will keep the good work and rise to the occasion to make it big or not.

Max Gorelick's Parents Got Divorced

Max Gorelick in a black t-shirt with his dad Kenny G.

Max Gorelick is the eldest son of legendary musician Kenny G.
Photo Source: Zimbio

Contrary to Max Gorelick's prosperous career, his family life is no less than a roller coaster ride. Her famous dad, Kenny G, tied the knot with Lyndie Benson in 1992. However, after twenty years of blissful marriage, the two parted ways with a divorce agreement. 

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Surprisingly, it was the second divorce in the saxophone expert, Kenny G's life, as he previously parted ways with ex-wife Janice DeLeon after seven years of marriage in 1987. Gorelick, still young, lives in his father's large mansion-like house at Malibu, California. Even though his parents are no longer together, he is fortunate to possess a healthy relationship with his mother. Max along with his younger brother, Noah Gorelick, often hangs out with their mother, Benson.

Posts His Contents on YouTube

Kenny G's son, Max Gorelick, who happens to be a metalhead, often posts his musical contents on the leading digital platform of YouTube. He joined the network way before it was cool in 2009 and shows the audience his abilities with some soothing works and cover songs.

With over 1900 subscribers, he isn't active on YouTube like he used to be some years ago. Surprisingly, he focuses more on live performances and studio albums rather than on making money out of the online media. 

Kenny G clicks a selfie with his two sons, Max Gorelick and Noah Gorelick.

Kenny G's elder son is a core member of the band called The Mantle.
Photo Source: Max Gorelick's Instagram

The promising artist was a huge sports fan as well. And, like the whole world, he felt heartbroken when the basketball legend, Kobe Bryant, lost his life in January 2020. He posted a picture of the Los Angeles Lakers starlet on his Instagram profile to pay his condolences.

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