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Tisha Campbell-Martin's Kids and Siblings; Their Stories

Bran Published On Tue Mar 10 2020   Modified On Sun Mar 27 2022
Tisha Campbell-Martin's Kids and Siblings; Their Stories

Being a single mom is undoubtedly difficult. Here is how Tisha Campbell-Martin manages things around with her two children.

Tisha Campbell-Martin, aged 51, can be considered as an inspirational figure for all the women out there as working moms. The veteran actress rose to prominence through her career in acting, singing, and dancing. 

Not just is Tisha Campbell famous for her works in films like 'School Daze' and 'Boomerang', she is also a regular news material through her dramatic personal life. The Martin actress is the mother of two adorable sons and raises them on her own. 

The personal life of Tisha Campbell-Martin is nothing short of drama. Be it her marriage that ended in divorce, irreconcilable workplace incidents, or her children. Keep up with us to know more about how she raised her children.

Tisha Campbell-Martin's Eldest Son Was Diagnosed with Autism

Tisha Campbell-Martin gave birth to her first son, Xen Martin, on August 8, 2001, with her ex-husband, Duane Martin. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with autism at the young age of 18 months.

Tisha Campbell-Martin filed for divorce with Duane Martin in 2018.
Source: Instagram

According to the singer's mother, her eldest son used to be non-verbal and flapped his arms and rocked back and forth. Luckily, after noticing the disease earlier on and undergoing numerous surgeries, Tisha's son is normal today. In fact, he also has a girlfriend, who is well-known for his childhood troubles.

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Like mother, like son, Xen even holds a television credit, featuring in the documentary series 'Color My Mind.'

Tisha Campbell-Martin's Younger Son is 12

The Oklahoma-born actress welcomed her second child, another son, Ezekiel Martin, during her marriage with Duane. The TV couple gave birth to him on September 8, 2009, in Los Angeles. He is 12-year-old as of 2022.

Tisha Campbell-Martin is the ex-wife of Duane Martin.

Tisha Campbell-Martin is the ex-wife of Duane Martin.
Source: Instagram

When Ezekiel was born, her mom, Tisha, was working on the 'Rita Rocks', the highly-rated American sitcom series. Similarly, the famous magazine, People, also covered him in its March 2010 edition. 

Tisha Campbell Shares Bloodline with Two Siblings

While Tisha Campbell had two children of her own, she spent her childhood with two siblings, brother Jermaine Campbell and sister Tiara Campbell. Contrary to the likes of the 'Blindspotting' actress, the two siblings aren't as famous as her.

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Campbell and her sibling brother Jermaine worked together once in a TV series documentary titled, 'Intimate Portrait.' 

Tisha Campbell-Martin is a mother of two children.

Tisha Campbell-Martin is a mother of two children.
Source: Instagram

With a divorce ending Tisha's twenty-two-year marriage in 2018 with Duane Martin, her children and siblings are the reason why she holds everything together to live peacefully amidst all the chaos.

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