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Lauren Giraldo Weight Loss - The Complete Details

Heisenberg Published On Sun Mar 01 2020   Modified On Sun Mar 01 2020
Lauren Giraldo Weight Loss - The Complete Details

Here are all the details related to the weight loss routine of the American singer, actor, musician, social media celebrity, and advocate Lauren Giraldo.

Lauren Giraldo is a well-known American social media celebrity and actress mostly known from her Vines, which led to her rise to popularity in 2013. She is active on social media, and she is also an advocate of feminism and women's rights. Many young girls consider Lauren as their idol for feminism. 

Lauren Giraldo is a well-known American social media celebrity and actress.

Lauren Giraldo is a well-known American social media celebrity and actress.
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Lauren began putting short videos on 'Vine' in 2013 using the app. Her charming looks with an engaging content for each video attracted lots of viewers and admirers. In the course of her journey towards popularity on the social media platforms, she collaborated with another Viner Alexa. They made a video 'Never Have I Ever,' that immensely skyrocketed her fanbase on the Internet and increased her popularity.

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You may be curious to know if the 22-year-old Internet star did anything to maintain her shape. How was she able to reduce her high body weight into a fit and healthy one? She's talked about it many times for us to be updated. Here's everything you should know regarding weight loss of the social media sensation, Lauren Giraldo.

Why Lauren Giraldo Decided to Apply a Weight Loss Routine

Lauren Giraldo shared her weight loss journey on her YouTube channel. She dictates the several routines and diet plans she implemented in order to achieve her present reduced weight. She started two years prior to the inception of her stable weight loss schedule, at the time when she weighed 20-22 pounds more than she is today.

Lauren Giraldo lost 20-22 pounds after her weight loss routine.

Lauren Giraldo lost 20-22 pounds applying her weight loss routine.
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Due to her disappointment with her physical appearance, she decided to make some changes to her lifestyle. She was in denial about having an unhealthy shape, even after people said she need to be more fit, which she described in her YouTube Video from May 2019 (shown below). After gradually changing her view of herself, she started working out and getting involved in an intensive exercise routine for the body fat reduction process.

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This took a lot of hard work, determination, and will power in order to just give continuity to her habit. She sometimes was tempted to return to her lazy, non-exercise routine, but she was determined to stick to her aim. Eventually, she got a handsome reward for her hard work and attained a fit and healthy body.

Lauren Giraldo Diet Plan

Lauren Giraldo, who holds a $1 million net worth, used to extensively consume lots of Junk and processed food that was too unhealthy for her. Such an unhealthy diet was one of the factors that contributed to her overeating habit and which made her weigh more than the healthy amount. 

Lauren shifted from her previous unhealthy eating habit to healthy nutrition.

Lauren shifted from her previous unhealthy eating habit to a healthy nutrition one.
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Lauren changed herself after realizing that her lifestyle and eating choices were being harmful to her health and body shape as a whole. Her decision to shift from her earlier unhealthy eating practices to the healthy green vegetables and fruits helped her quite a lot in her journey to fitness.

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The 22-year-old began eating less sugary products and kinds of stuff that contained more fat. She shifted to drinking fruit juices instead of colas and sodas, started eating apples and oranges instead of pizzas and burgers, and often drank lots of water. This way, Lauren achieved the current weight that she is happy at present.

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