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Home lifestyle How Old is Leslie Grace? Is She Dating? All Details here

How Old is Leslie Grace? Is She Dating? All Details here

kripa Published On Sun Aug 14 2022   Modified On Sun Aug 14 2022
How Old is Leslie Grace? Is She Dating? All Details here

Grab all detail on Leslie Grace's Personal life!

Leslie Grace Martnez, also known as Leslie Grace, is a singer, songwriter, and actor from the United States. Leslie made her mainstream debut with the multilingual cover of the Shirelles' 1961 classic song Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

On April 11, 2019, she made her acting debut as Nina Rosario in the 2021 movie version of Lin-Manuel Miranda's Tony Award-winning musical In the Heights.

Leslie Grace's net worth is approximately $5 million as of 2022.

Leslie Grace's net worth is approximately $5 million as of 2022.
Image Source: Instagram @lesliegrace

Grace has demonstrated potential since making her debut. She was the youngest female singer to achieve this accomplishment with her bachata-infused performance, which reached number one on the Billboard Tropical Songs list and the Billboard Latin Airplay charts. Be my baby singer is well-liked and fortunate due to her flourishing acting and singing careers. According to Net worth & salary, Leslie's net worth is estimated to be $5 million based on her earnings.

How Old is "Batgirl" Star Leslie Grace?

As of 2022, Leslie Grace is said to be 27 years old. The American composer was born in the Bronx, New York, on January 7, 1995.

Blackout singer was born to Dominican parents Elba Guana and Francisco Martinez. Annexie Miyares is one of the five sisters whom Grace grew up with.

Is Leslie Grace Dating? Who is Her Boyfriend?

In fact, as of 2022, Leslie Grace is already in a committed relationship. Since 2019, she has been seeing choreographer Ian Eastwood.

Leslie Grace is in a relationship with Ian Eastwood since 2019.

Leslie Grace has been in a relationship with Ian Eastwood since 2019.
Image Source: Instagram @lesliegrace

As Grace's current relationship is the only one known to the public, the actress appears to hide her romantic involvement. Although there are some speculations about Grace's past relationship, it is still unknown if she has or has ever been in a relationship before. 

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Duro y Suave singer doesn't appear to be the type of person to announce her relationship publicly, and she could have kept things quiet regarding her past affairs. However, there once was speculation regarding her dating life, which we will further talk about in this article.

Leslie Grace And Ian Eastwood's Dating Life

As already mentioned above, Leslie Grace and Ian Eastwood have been dating since 2019. After being together for more than two years, they still appear happy and deeply in love. However, even though the lovely couple has been together for a long time, little is known about them. Since the pair frequently posts pictures of each other with romantic captions on each of their Instagram profiles, it is the only place where we can learn anything about them.

Leslie Grace and Ian Eastwood may have first met at a bar.

Leslie Grace and Ian Eastwood may have first met at a bar.
Image Source: Instagram @ian_eastwood

It seems the two initially connected at a pub. Ian wrote a touching message to Leslie on their first anniversary on Instagram. In the post, Ian describes how he met his lovely partner while waiting for women to enter a bar and how it would transform his life and provide him inner peace. In addition, he expressed his desire to continue his life's adventure with her by adding,

i’m so lucky to have even tip toed into your graceful journey my love. cheers to a year of growth, love, support & all the years i have left that i want to spend with you, on us.

As mentioned above, there is not much information regarding Grace and Ian's affair. However, the duo have shared many photos of themselves, having a date, or traveling.

Leslie Grace and Ian Eastwood's Social Media

Because Leslie is a famous singer and Ian is a choreographer, the two stars are each extremely well-known and active on Instagram. They mostly upload photos related to their professional lives. Still, now and then, they surprise their followers with adorable images of them out on a date or even when they are working together. 

Leslie Grace and Ian Eastwood share photos of them going on dates and traveling.

Leslie Grace and Ian Eastwood share photos of them going on dates and traveling.
Image Source: Instagram @ian_eastwood

They routinely share photos of themselves kissing, having dates, touring, etc. In addition, Leslie and Ian occasionally write a brief yet kind message when sharing those cute pictures.

Leslie Grace Wishing Ian Eastwood Birthday Via Instagram 

Leslie surprised her lover with a little gift on April 17, 2020, to wish him a happy birthday. A little, adorable teddy bear with a balloon attached to it and a small flower was among the gifts. She posted a clip of him getting a birthday present and wrote in the caption, 

You are so worthy of every ounce of love you receive today and everyday! I had to take a tip from my boy Carl from “Up” and balloon my love to you until better days. I love you and I miss you. Happy birthday my wonderful boy 

Leslie Grace's Past Affair With Casper Smart

Aire singer is someone who has kept her previous relationship a secret. There was a rumor that the singer was having an affair with American dancer Casper Smart. When Leslie and Becky G released the song Díganle in 2017, rumors began circulating. The song was about Grace bidding her ex-lover farewell and letting him go.

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Casper appeared in the music video as Leslie's ex-boyfriend. They had sequences that were close to one another since they were presented as lovers. Being close to each other in the music video may have led to rumors that the couple was dating.

The relationship between Leslie and Casper was widely rumored due to the music video. However, neither party ever officially denied the rumor. Casper and Leslie have never discussed this issue in the media. They didn't have a long-lasting relationship if the claim were accurate. According to sources, it was reported to have ended in 2017.

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