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Home lifestyle A Look Back at the Married Life of Jacky Clark-Chisholm and Husband Glynn Chisholm Before His Demise

A Look Back at the Married Life of Jacky Clark-Chisholm and Husband Glynn Chisholm Before His Demise

Bran Published On Mon Apr 20 2020   Modified On Mon May 16 2022
A Look Back at the Married Life of Jacky Clark-Chisholm and Husband Glynn Chisholm Before His Demise

The Grammy-winning gospel singer, Jacky Clark-Chisholm, shared her personal journey with her husband, Glynn Chisholm, until his death in November 2019. Find out about their married life right here.

The Detroit-based singer, Jacky Chisholm, is one of the integral members of the famous gospel group, 'The Clark Sisters' alongside the likes of Twinkie Clark, Dorinda Clark-Cole, and Karen Clark SheardBeyond that, she achieved other accomplishments in her solo career and stage performances. 

While Chisholm experienced massive success in her career, Jacky shared her married life with Glynn Chisholm. The two were made for each other and spent 46 years of their life together before death parted them away. So, today, we take you close to the blissful married life of the gospel singer and her lover.

Jacky Clark-Chisholm: Married for a Longtime with Glynn Chisholm

Gospel singer-cum-Evangelist, Jacky Clark-Chisholm lost her husband of 46 years, Glynn T. Chisolm, in November 2019. Although the death came as a surprise and caused huge grief on Thanksgiving Day, she surely has a lot to be thankful for all the time spent with her spouse. 

Jacky Clark-Chisholm 's demised husband Glynn Chisholm.

Jacky Clark-Chisholm was married to the late Glynn Chisholm for 46 years until his death in 2019.
Photo Source: Jacky Clark-Chisholm Instagram

Introducing you to Glynn T. Chisholm, he was a published author who wrote some top publications like 'The Revival' and 'Why Did God Make Us Creatures of the Flesh?'.

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Jacky and Glynn used to be lovers and dated for quite a while before tying the knot in 1973. Interestingly, he was a perfect match for Jacky as the only passion he had was to serve God and serve others. Consequently, he became a Deacon at the Greater Emmanuel Institutional Church of God in Christ. The demised soul and the celebrity husband spent his entire life in the service of God.

Jacky Clark-Chisholm  poses for a photoshoot in a lovely black gown.

Jacky Clark-Chisholm lost her loving husband, Glynn Chisholm, in November 2019.
Photo Source: Jacky Clark-Chisholm, Instagram

Furthermore, he spent over 40 years at Detroit's WKBD-TV CW 50 as a senior designer and looked after WWJ-TV CBS 62's graphics as well. The Grammy-winning singer, Jacky Clark-Chisholm, spent more than four decades with the author, where they shared many ups and downs.

Glynn supported her musical pathway the entire time, which resulted in massive fame and accolades for Jacky. In a country with about 40-50% divorce rate, the longtime married couple remains an inspiration to all the lovers out there as they spent a lot of years by each other's side.

Jacky Clark-Chisholm and Husband Welcomed Three Children

Many believe that marriages are incomplete without children, and the Clark Sisters singer Jacky Clark-Chisholm wasn't going to let that happen. She welcomed three children, Aaron Chisholm, Michael Chisolm, and Angelyn Chisholm, with her religious spouse. Since the parents were quite well-off with remarkable success in their respective professions, especially Jacky, they were able to provide all the amenities to their children while growing up.

The funeral invitation of Jacky Clark-Chisholm's husband Deacon Glynn T. Chisholm.

Jacky Clark-Chisholm conducted a funeral ceremony for her late spouse Glynn Chisholm in December 2019.
Photo Source: Jacky Clark-Chisholm Instagram

Today, the 73-year-old gospel singer might no longer be with her life partner's company, but she has a healthy relationship with her offspring. Furthermore, you could consider her lucky as she even became a grandmother to MadilynBailee, and Taylor, spending her elder age in the best possible of ways.

The Clark Sisters's Jacky Clark-Chisholm clicks a photo of her three grandchildren.

Jacky Clark-Chisholm is a mother of three children and a grandmother to three more.
Photo Source: Jacky Clark-Chisholm Instagram

The shocking demise of Glynn Chisholm deeply saddened Jacky and the entire Clark-Chisholm family in November 2019 at the age of 70. The family conducted a funeral at Clora Funeral Home, Detroit West, on December 8, 2019, and a further homegoing service the following day.

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The story of 'The Clark Sisters' was portrayed in a Lifetime TV biopic, 'The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel' by broadway theatre. As Chisholm's part was represented by the emerging actress Angela Birchett, fans got a new angle looking at one of their favorite artists. 

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