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Nathan Fillion's Weight Gain: Here's the Real Truth

Anjan Published On Fri Mar 05 2021   Modified On Thu Jun 09 2022
Nathan Fillion's Weight Gain: Here's the Real Truth

Here's everything you need to know about Nathan Fillion's weight gain

Nathan Fillion is better known for the role of Rick Castle, the bestselling author working as a civil consultant for a precinct and a private investigator. After working on the long-running series 'Castle' from 2009 to 2016, the actor moved on to another project, the TV-series 'The Rookie,' which he surprisingly signed before it was scripted.

The story of the series revolves around a middle-aged man who fulfills his dream of working in law enforcement in his forties, becoming the oldest man in LAPD. 

When the second season of the show was rolled out, fans, however, were more concerned with Nathan Fillion's significant weight loss, putting forward a number of own versions of their explanations.

How Exactly Did Nathan Fillion Gain Weight in the First Place?

After Nathan Fillion posted his photo with Mark Cuban on Twitter after the premiere of the second season of The Rookie, fans speculated that he had lost significant weight.

Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle in the series castle

Nathan Fillion in TV-Series 'Castle'
Source: Distractify

Fillion barely talks about his private life and prefers absolute privacy, but he has disclosed that he has knee problems, making it difficult to carry out most of the workouts, including running and cycling.

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Putting aside the physical incapability for heavy exercises, he has also opened up about his lack of interest in body exercises and workouts, which is the major reason for his weight gain.

While the major reason for his normal weighty appearance may be his incapability and lack of interest, he might've enjoyed his appearance, and on top of that, fans loved it.

What Made Him Change His Mind?

While the Twitter followers became shocked by the sudden change in the look of the actor, people have made assumptions that it might be because of his role as a law enforcement officer in 'The Rookie,' which can be physically challenging.

Natha Fillion lost weight in second season of 'The Rookie'

Nathan Fillion in 'The Rookie' as a police officer
Source: Glamour Fame

Even though he might have lost considerable weight because Nathan wants to be committed and wants to give justice to the role that is young and athletic, fans have other theories.

His followers knew something was not what it used to be as soon as they saw his tweet, and fans have provided the notion that he might be ill and hiding it from them as he likes to maintain his privacy. 

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Whatever the reasons were, he might've finally decided to let go of his feelings about working out and figured out the needs of his body by staying fit and athletic. 

Nathan Fillion makes $100K from a single episode of 'The Rookie'

The 50-years old actor is popular for a reason - his amazing acting skills and the way he connects to the role and pays off heavily. The actor reportedly makes $100,000 per episode of the series. 

Nathan marked $100,000 per episode from 'The Rookie.'

Nathan marked $100,000 per episode from 'The Rookie.'
Source: Deadline

While he might be working on a single project, he has made a fortune in the acting industry, with a net worth of around $20 million.

We might've seen him on screen, but he is also a voice actor, popular for the characters like 'Green Lantern' from a number of DC Comic projects, Malcolm Reynolds, Sterling in 'Cars 3.'

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The actor was born in Alberta, Canada, in 1971 and had dual citizenship in the United States and Canada. He started his career in 1994 in the soap opera and has won Daytime Emmy. Previosuly, Nathan dated Vanessa Marcil. 

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