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Home lifestyle Is Nathan Fillion Married to a Wife? Or Is He Casually Dating a Girlfriend?

Is Nathan Fillion Married to a Wife? Or Is He Casually Dating a Girlfriend?

Bran Published On Tue Apr 21 2020   Modified On Tue Apr 21 2020
Is Nathan Fillion Married to a Wife? Or Is He Casually Dating a Girlfriend?

Nathan Fillion is often a media story, famous for his casual dating stints with several women besides his acting career accomplishments. Find out whether the Canadian-American artist is single or seeing someone.

When it comes to the television and the big picture, Nathan Fillion surely makes the cut as one of the top actors around. Known for his leading roles in 'Firefly,' 'Serenity' and 'Two Guys and a Girl,' the Canadian is currently at the peak of his acting career.

Contrary to Fillion's fairly successful professional life is his personal life, which has seen plenty of women so far. He dated a few starlet actresses in the past, such as Krista AllenPerrey Reeves, and Vanessa Marcil. The 'Castle' actor can be identified as a 'ladies man,' but it is a big surprise that the 49-year-old is currently single and has never married to date. So, without wasting much time, we take you close to all the past affairs of the handsome American actor.

Nathan Fillion's First Love: Vanessa Marcil

First love is always special, isn't it? American actor Nathan Fillion found the first taste of romance during his early career as he dated fellow actress Vanessa Marcil. While it was Fillion's first time, the 'General Hospital' actress just came off a divorce with ex-husband Corey Feldman. What they shared between them was special at that time as the two dated for a couple of years before making the big decision to get engaged in 1995.

Actor Nathan Fillion in black suit poses a picture with Vanessa Marcil.

Actor Nathan Fillion broke an engagement with Vanessa Marcil in 1996.
Photo Source:Pinterest

However, things weren't just meant to be as the two couldn't work out their relationship despite an engagement ring. Thus, they broke up in 1996, and Fillion changed his focus from women to a career for the next few years. On the other hand, Marcil went through another marriage that ended in divorce with actor-cum-painter, Carmine Giovinazzo.

Four Year Long Affair with Perrey Reeves

With almost eight years of dormancy in the dating game, Nathan Fillion was already an established actor during the mid-2000s. Likewise, it was then when he decided to get back in the dating zone as he went out with fellow actress, Perrey Reeves. The two seemed perfect for each other with similar interests since both were quite popular in the entertainment industry.

Nathan Fillion in a black suit poses a picture with Perrey Reeves.

Castle star Nathan Fillion dated Perrey Reeves for four years.Source: Getty Images

The celebrity couple met for the first time in 2004 and felt a unique vibe between them. Fans shipped The 'Firefly' actor Fillion and Reeves to get married as well. But, unfortunately, after four years, the love birds decided to pull the trigger to their romance and, thus, parted ways in early 2009. 

Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion Dated For Three Years

After a big breakup with Perrey Reeves, actor Nathan Fillion found his rebound in 2009, which happened to be a longtime girlfriend in Canadian-American actress, Stana Katic. Surprisingly, the two were co-stars on the hit crime show, 'Castle' and interestingly, their respective characters even tied the knot in the show. 

Actor Nathan Fillion in a black jacket poses a picture with Stana Katic.

Filmstar Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic worked together in Castle.
Photo Source: She Knows

Initially, things were quite blooming between the acting couple, like most of the lovers in their honeymoon phase. But, in the later years, the relationship grew out to be more toxic instead. Even though they smiled in front of the cameras, insider sources revealed that they absolutely despised on another in the later years. In fact, they wouldn't even talk to each other while on the set most of the time. Although Katic's agent denied the claims saying there were no issues, the duo also attended counseling sessions to resolve their differences upon the orders of the show runners.

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Thus, after three years of dealing with one another and creating some memories, Fillion decided to break up with Stana Katic. Back in 2017, the Canadian actress decided to quit the show, and through many conflicts in between, ABC later decided to cancel the whole show to such a promising show. Despite the fact that Fillion went on to share many romantic relationships then, the breakup turned right for the 'Absentia' star since she found her beau Kris Brkljac and got married in 2015.

However, there's also a chance they dated for a much shorter time than that. If the relationship timeline of Katic and Brkljac is to be analyzed, Katic may have taken a break from Brkljac to be with Fillion in real life, before getting back together with Brkljac and realizing that he was already perfect for her. And the timeline of dating between Fillion & Katic for three years really doesn't fit either, considering his next relationship started in 2010.

A Short Stint Between Nathan Fillion and Kate Luyben

When it comes to luck with the ladies, Nathan Fillion could be related to the fan-favorite 'Friends' character, 'Joey Tribbiani'. Be it with his appearance or personality; all the top actresses seemed to have a crush on him. After the toxic romance with Katic, he started dating another Canadian actress, Kate Luyben, in the fall of 2010.

Actor Nathan Fillion in a black suit poses a picture with ex-lover Kate Luyben.

Kate Luyben and Nathan Fillion attended the American Music Awards.
Photo Source: Zimbio

Like Fillion, his then-girlfriend Kate Luyben was quite active in movies and TV shows as she is best known for the roles in 'Shanghai Noon' and 'Intolerable Cruelty.' The two even made a few public appearances together, such as the 2010 American Music Awards.

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Unfortunately, a break up was imminent as the two went different paths in February 2011. The exact reason for their split wasn't revealed by the celebrity duo.

Nathan Fillion: Engaged for the Second Time to Christina Ochoa

The star man from 'The Rookie' Nathan Fillion isn't married to date, but the 49-year-old got close on a couple of occasions. It was around 2012 when the handsome actor met his second fiance, Christina Ochoa. Just like him, Ochoa is a top Spanish actress featuring in shows like 'The Animal Kingdom,' 'Blood Drive,' and 'Valor.' The cross-country celebrities dated for a short period of time and felt so compatible that they decided to get engaged.

Nathan Fillion in a blue suit poses with Spanish Christina Ochoa.

Actor Nathan Fillion and Christina Ochoa got engaged after dating for some time.
Photo Source: Pinterest

Fillion, who shocked the fans with a new look for 'The Rookie', went down on one knee to propose the gorgeous diva from Barcelona, Spain. Ochoa, who used to be in an affair with her boyfriend Derek Theler, broke her engagement with Nathan as they felt they couldn't work out their differences to get together for the rest of their lives. Only time will tell if that was for the best or not.

Fillion Gave the Ring to Mikaela Hoover

Call it a curse or a coincidence, American actor Nathan Fillion had luck when it came to women, but never could succeed an engagement. The diva went on to date 'How I Met Your Mother' guest star, Mikaela Hoover. Soon after the break up with Christina Ochoa, he seemed in a hurry to make a relationship work and got engaged for the third time with Hoover in 2013.

Mikaela Hoover and Nathan Fillion at an HBO event.

Nathan Fillion owns a staggering net worth of $18 million.
Photo Source: Zimbio

Fillion, who is worth $18 million, presented a diamond ring to Hoover to finally get married. However, bad luck never seemed to leave his side since the lovebirds broke up in 2014, without giving a proper reason.

Fillion Dated Felicia Day for a While

Television actress, Felicia Day also made a list to the celebrities that the 'Castle' star Nathan Fillion dated to date. Unlike his other affairs, his stint with Day was extremely private as the two preferred to spend their time away from the media hype.

Nathan Fillion in black jacket and grey shirt poses a picture with Felicia Day.

Felicia Day and ex-lover Nathan Fillion shared an extremely private love affair.
Photo Source: Pinterest

Not much is known about their affair as they parted ways in a short period of time. Regardless of that, they did attend a few public events while they were together.

Relationship of Nathan Fillion and Krista Allen 

Actress Nathan Fillion went on to date 'Days of Our Lives' actress, Krista Allen, in 2015, which became quite serious. The two first met for the time, thanks to their mutuals, and they shared a special vibe at an instant. Moreover, they even shared a short screen time as Allen went on to feature a guest role on the sets of 'Castle'. Gradually, they started seeing one another and maintained a romantic relationship for the next few years.

Actor Nathan Fillion poses a picture with Krista Allen.

Krista Allen and Nathan Fillion met for the first time in 2015.
Photo Source: Pinterest

Initially, Fillion and Allen maintained a low profile of their affair, without giving the fans and media much of a hint. Similar to the Canadian, Krista went through a series of breakups in the past. She is a two-time divorcee to the likes of Justin Moritt and Mams Taylor. The well-off celebrities went on to date for more than three years.

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Surprisingly, there were even rumors on how Allen and Fillion were planning to tie the knot, but those were far from the truth. As of 2020, the two seem to have parted ways quite low key without creating much fuss in the media. And with all the relationships, he's never had a daughter or a child for that matter, despite playing a father role in many of those movies & TV roles.

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